Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, May 22, 2012

• A federal judge strikes down North Carolina’s “matching funds” provision allowing public financing of appellate court candidates.


• Jeremy Adams, who finished third in the GOP primary for state House District 6, endorses former Democrat Rep. Arthur Williams over Mattie Lawson. The Dare County Republican Executive Committee endorsed Lawson.


• A recount confirmed that former state Sen. Larry Shaw, D-Cumberland, will not recapture his old seat. By two votes, Shaw finished third in the primary for Senate District 21. Billy King will face Ben Clark in the July 17 runoff.


• Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, defends his tenure as a board member with, the subject of an ad funded by the Democratic Governors Association. “I’m allowed to make a living while seeking political office,” McCrory said.

Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

Rick Henderson became editor-in-chief of Carolina Journal in August 2016 after being managing editor of Carolina Journal since April 2009. Before that, he had worked more than...

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