Latest dispatches from the campaign trail: Tuesday, May 9, 2012 (2/2)

  • Patsy Keever gets a big win over Terry Bellamy in the Democratic nomination for the 10th Congressional District (Citizen-Times)
  • Democrat Hayden Rogers wins his party’s nomination in the 11th Congressional District (Citizen-Times)
  • In the 8th Congressional District, Richard Hudson leads the GOP pack; Larry Kissell wins the Democratic nod (Charlotte Observer)
  • In the Republican race for GOP schools chief, John Tedesco and Richard Alexander advance to a runoff (Associated Press)
  • Unofficial results show that Rep. Jim Crawford, a Democrat who supported the GOP-crafted budget, has lost to Rep. Winkie Wilkins in House District 2 (Associated Press)
  • Woodard, McKissick, Foushee, and Chaney will legislative races (Herald-Sun)
  • Tim D’Annunzio wins the Republican nod in the 4th Congressional District (Associated Press)

David N. Bass

Communications Director and Grants Officer for the John William Pope Foundation. Views expressed are his own.

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