Is there an innocuous reason why Obama and Holder oppose voter ID laws?

Peter Ferrara answers here that the answer, beyond any doubt, is “no.” Vote fraud is part of the Democrats’ strategy for winning elections. They don’t want any of their tools taken away or even slightly blunted.

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  • Pops

    I guess if you wanted to look at the facts you would find that voter id fraud in this country is nearly non existent. Look at NOrth Carolina. Show me substantiated claims of voter fraud where it affected an election in recent years. In fact, just show me substantiated claims of voter fraud.

    You can spin this issue anyway you want but the bottom line is Dems are trying to protect people’s right to vote without senseless hoops to jump through while Republicans just want to make it tougher for a whole class of people to vote.

    Every day Republicans are becoming the party of window dressing–you hem and holler about issues that are nothing more than hollow talking points to get the base riled up. Reagan is spinning in his grave at this crap.