Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Bush was bad on whistleblowers; Obama much worse

That is the point of this article by lawyer Jesselyn Radack. Honest liberals who believe in civil liberties, the First Amendment, and government accountability are figuring out that Barack Obama, despite his “constitutional law professor” halo, is quite hostile to their beliefs. Sadly, there are very few of those people.

That’s it for The Mint

Triangle Business Journal reports that The Mint – a heavily subsidized and seldom patronized restaurant in downtown Raleigh – will close.  The white tablecloth establishment opened in January 2008. Mayor Charles Meeker and his allies in Raleigh city government gave The Mint every possible advantage – from a $1 million subsidy to reductions in rent. Continue Reading

No sale of Rex … yet

The Select House Committee on State-Owned Assets decided to delay for at least a year any discussion of the sale of Raleigh’s Rex Healthcare to WakeMed Health and Hospitals. Last year, WakeMed (the former county hospital) offered to purchase Rex from UNC Health Care for $750 million; UNC rejected the offer, but House Speaker ThomContinue Reading

An antidote for those who admire China’s success with central planning

Like communist China’s ability to get things done through top-down authoritarian measures? (Yes, Thomas Friedman, this question has you in mind.) Perhaps Gordon G. Chang’s latest Forbes column will prompt a reconsideration of basic premises. In late 2008 Premier Wen ­Jiabao embarked on a massive stimulus program. Today Wen is struggling with the inevitable aftermath:Continue Reading

Johnson says the world is becoming a better place

Like self-proclaimed “rational optimist” Matt Ridley, the historian Paul Johnson contends there’s little evidence supporting the gloom-and-doom prophecies that have cropped up periodically since the end of World War II. In a Forbes column, Johnson rebuts pessimistic arguments about climate change, overpopulation, and war. This year marks the 67th anniversary of the end of WorldContinue Reading

Forbes muses on the IRS and the federal tax code

If you’ve spent time recently with your federal income tax return, you might appreciate Steve Forbes‘ recent editorial comment in the latest issue of Forbes: Last year—on no authority from Congress—the IRS decreed that all tax preparers must register with it. Unless you are a certified public accountant, lawyer or “enrolled agent” you are goingContinue Reading

Government protection or freedom?

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a letter from someone who offered the view that conservatives and libertarians really should prefer a society with a government “safety net” than one where assistance to the needy was entirely voluntary. Today’s paper has a sharp response, which I copy below. A point I would add isContinue Reading

N&O uses report to target Republicans

According to an article published in the News & Observer, North Carolina dropped in annual rankings of state pre-kindergarten programs published by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER).  In the third paragraph of the piece, News & Observer reporter Lynn Bonner acknowledged that the NIEER rankings did not consider changes made to earlyContinue Reading