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The Smoky Mountain News reports people are being creeped by having too many police cars on the streets. “Here is the feedback we hear: we don’t want to come to Maggie Valley because all the law does is sit around and wait on us,” said Nathan Hughes, [a local business] owner. “They’ll be texting eachContinue Reading

Zoning Is for the Poor

Economic development incentives were given to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for locating in Mills River. Now, the town wishes to change its zoning ordinances to accommodate the business and its trickle-down effects.

Gambling Is Good for What Ails Ya

Lottery officials keep getting more compassionate. Not only do they help raise money for children’s education, they are considering adding keno games to promote local businesses and strengthen community ties.

New at CJO: Critics, supporters target child care nutrition rules

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about the N.C. Child Care Commission’s consideration this week of nutrition rules that have come under fire in the wake of the well-publicized “chicken nuggets” story.

Helping the poor is not intuitive

From the Bleeding Heart Libertarian blog, Matt Zwolinsky has an interesting note about how our intuitions on how to help the poor are not reliable when trying to develop public policy measures.

How we do business in G’boro

JLF has just released its latest report —-What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties FY 2010. Press release here; report here. Sift through the numbers if you like. No surprise that the cost of gov’t is high among the most populous counties, including Guilford and Forsyth. But here’s the bottom line: What isContinue Reading

Barone searches for the source of support for higher taxes

Michael Barone‘s latest Washington Examiner column asks: Why do young liberal bloggers “seem to invest so much psychic energy” into the issue of raising tax rates? Some of this may just be team ball: You cheer when your side puts up numbers on the scoreboard. So Democratic cheerleaders are rah-rahing what they insist on callingContinue Reading

Hanson probes the historical record for clues about potential U.S. action against Syria, Iran

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest National Review Online column examines post-World War II history to calculate the likelihood of U.S. military action against either Syria or Iran. Hanson offers 15 points. I’ll excerpt six of them: 7. Intervention is mostly a bipartisan affair. Democrats went into Haiti, Libya, Serbia, and Somalia, Republicans into Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama,Continue Reading