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Ten years on and still growing: the Free State Project of New Hampshire

The Free State Project—the planned migration of libertarians to New Hampshire—is now ten years old. While it has yet to gain 20,000 members as planned, 1,000 individuals have already moved to the live-free-or-die state, and the movement is clocking up numerous achievements. Rapidly, New Hampshire has become a liberty capital for the world, so toContinue Reading

Erskine Bowles: to run or not to run?

The AP has a good overview of Erskine Bowles’ potential entry into N.C.’s gubernatorial race: Erskine Bowles served as chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s White House, led the prestigious University of North Carolina system and headed a bipartisan commission that recommended tough choices to reduce the U.S. deficit. The Charlotte investment banker is beingContinue Reading

‘Rational Optimist’ Matt Ridley explains his notion of a collective brain improving our lives

Matt Ridley says people around the world have become healthier, happier, cleverer, cleaner, kinder, freer, more peaceful, and more equal in recent years. He’s written a book on the topic called The Rational Optimist. Why have we seen all these improvements? Ridley discussed his notion of a “collective brain” during a Hayek Lecture this afternoonContinue Reading

Caterpillar stays in Clayton and gets $2 million of your money

You must be a redneck if you believe that giving caterpillar $2 million for adding jobs that it would have added without the money is a bad deal. In other words, Caterpillar needs to expand production to meet demand. To meet this demand, it must hire 199 workers.  So now NC has streamlined its economicContinue Reading

Debra Goldman announces for state auditor

Most of us thought she would file for the N.C. House, but Wake County school board member Debra Goldman wants to be state auditor instead. Here is her YouTube announcement: Goldman is the first GOP candidate in the auditor’s race. The incumbent is Democrat Beth Wood. Full disclosure: I’ve danced the Carolina shag with WoodContinue Reading

In Florida, women go for Romney in droves

Last night, as many of you know by now, Mitt Romney won an overwhelming victory in Florida, defeating Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul by a margin of 46.4% – 31.9% – 13.4% – 7.0% respectively. Romney won the swing state with a higher percentage of the vote than he garnered in his birthContinue Reading

Ambitions for higher office could blow up GOP in Wake County

Republicans in Wake County were elated in 2009 when Republican-backed candidates took over the school board and in 2010 when Republicans reclaimed the board of county commissioners. The 2012 elections, though, could dilute the GOP’s power in the county, and not because it will be a particularly bad year for Republicans. Three Republicans on theContinue Reading

Some food for thought at cookie time

And BTW–here’s the website that these ex-scouts have started– http://www.speaknowgirlscouts.com.