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Give a hoot! Don’t … shoot!?

Studying government is the art of saying “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” twelve times a day and sincerely meaning each one. — Jon Sanders So … the Obama administration wants to save the spotted owl by shooting barred owls: WASHINGTON — To save the imperiled spotted owl, the Obama administration is moving forwardContinue Reading

As filing period ends, 39 NCGA candidates are de facto winners

For 39 candidates vying to win a seat in the N.C. General Assembly, the election ended at noon today — and they all won. That’s the number of House and Senate candidates — nearly all of them incumbents — who weren’t challenged to a primary and who don’t have opposition in the general election. ByContinue Reading

Filing period ends: 71 NCGA districts don’t have a major party challenger

The filing deadline for legislative, congressional, council of state, judicial, and local offices for the May 8 primary ended at noon today. By my count, 71 out of the 170 districts comprising the N.C. General Assembly don’t have either a Democrat or Republican challenger. In the Senate, a total of 19 districts don’t have aContinue Reading

New at CJO: N.C. House task force to target unemployment insurance fraud

David Bass reports for Carolina Journal Online about N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis’ new task force on unemployment insurance fraud.

Caridnal George of Chicago predicts closing of all Catholic hospitals by Easter 2014

In a  story on it is reported that Cardinal Francis George, Arch-Bishop of Chicago is predicting that Catholic health services facilities in the arch diocese of Chicago will close within two years if the Obama administration’s oppressive rules that deny 1st Amendment protections to religious employers that oppose abortion inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception.Continue Reading

New at CJO: Critics, supporters target child care nutrition rules

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about the N.C. Child Care Commission’s consideration this week of nutrition rules that have come under fire in the wake of the well-publicized “chicken nuggets” story.

Helping the poor is not intuitive

From the Bleeding Heart Libertarian blog, Matt Zwolinsky has an interesting note about how our intuitions on how to help the poor are not reliable when trying to develop public policy measures.

Barone searches for the source of support for higher taxes

Michael Barone‘s latest Washington Examiner column asks: Why do young liberal bloggers “seem to invest so much psychic energy” into the issue of raising tax rates? Some of this may just be team ball: You cheer when your side puts up numbers on the scoreboard. So Democratic cheerleaders are rah-rahing what they insist on callingContinue Reading