Daily Archives: January 31, 2012

Buncombe County Commissioners’ Retreat in a Nutshell

The Buncombe County Commissioners held their annual retreat today. It was very business-like, and not full of the touchy-feely pipe dream stuff that permeates Asheville City Council retreats. Following are some hot topics: Reportedly, two schools are in horrible repair. Asheville City Schools does not have the funding to fix them. The county must identifyContinue Reading

Some Day My Subsidy Will Come

A couple weeks ago, at the Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting, representatives from ABCCM told how last year they placed 302 homeless veterans in jobs paying at least $12/hr., and they aimed to place lots more in jobs paying $36,000 to $60,000. The success, they said, was based on a book by Ruby Payne, A FrameworkContinue Reading

Thinking with the Brain . . . Nice

This is much better. I posted previously about an article that said, “Black, black, black, black.” A rewrite waits until the third paragraph to bring up the pigmentation issue. Knowing the candidate in question is a substitute teacher who has kept his job leads one to believe he has experience squelching monkey business and shenanigans.Continue Reading

Stepping away from Nationalsozialistische Gestapo

Police departments may lose federal community policing funds. Here are some good reasons: The federal government’s intrusion into state law enforcement could be described as the nationalization of the police force. That was a bad thing until revisionists rewrote Hitler’s biographies. A typical grant will pay the full cost of hiring five officers for aContinue Reading

The overcriminalization of federal law

If you’re over 18, you’ve probably broken one or more of 4,200 federal laws. That doesn’t mean you’ll be prosecuted. But John Baker, professor emeritus of law at Louisiana State University, says there is substantial reason to be concerned about the overcriminalization of federal law. Baker discussed the topic today during a presentation to theContinue Reading

Global Warming Comes to North Carolina–Not

This article appeared on the front page above the fold in today’s Raleigh News and Observer. The clear implication is that global warming has come to North Carolina and it is having and impact on plant life. If the author, John Murawski, checked on he web site of  The State Climate Office of North Carolina, whichContinue Reading

Bummer. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Not Running for Governor.

Such a run … would have required more focus on a statewide campaign than on my young family … will continue my efforts to build a brighter future for our city … and blah, blah, blah, Foxx told the Charlotte Observer. Sure. That and the party politely reminded Foxx that Democratic Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton is the nextContinue Reading

Hey, Bob Hall, meet Jim Goodmon

I posted last week on Right Angles about Democracy NC executive director Bob Hall seeming in a radio interview on WPTF to be totally unfamiliar with the name Jim Goodmon. It seemed incredible to me that a person who heads an organization that spends its time looking into how money is used politically in NorthContinue Reading