Candidates face close scrutiny at constitutional forum. Next one in three weeks.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the first Constitutional Candidate Forum here in Raleigh. It is one of a series cosponsored by Founders Truth, the Frederick Douglas Foundation, and the Constitutionalist Gathering Place. Bill Lumaye of News Radio 680 WPTF moderated.

Don Watson, the organizer along with Greg Brannon of Founders Truth, said the event and the attendees “laid down the gauntlet for the candidate vetting process.” That included candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.

From left to right: Diane Rufino (constitutional attorney from Greenville), Mike Beitler (candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State), Nelson Dollar (North Carolina State Representative), and Glen Bradley (North Carolina State Representative and candidate for State Senate).

“If you did not attend it was your loss. However, you will have an opportunity as more Forums are being arranged for at least one a month for the next few months,” Watson shared.

Richmond County will host one on February 18; Greenville is next in March; Wake County again in April; Mecklenburg County in May; and the Triad in June.

While the event may have justified more, about 50 people attended. One person had this to say:

“We need more of this style of format to find out what the candidates know about the Constitution and how they would apply it and defend it, after all they are required to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.”

And another:

“I would like to see the entire field of candidates seeking the same office participate in this style forum so that we could compare their constitutional knowledge and their commitment to upholding and defending it.”

Fergus Hodgson

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