Daily Archives: January 28, 2012

Food Control

Asheville has a new Food Policy Council. In case you’re wondering what a food policy council does, Katie Souris provided the following for the Mountain Xpress: Asheville’s new Food Policy Council is leaving the mall with a brand new pair of pants, and it will be wearing them around town for a few months (comeContinue Reading

Not News

It’s only a wee $63 thou, so it is not a problem; even if another 100 or 1000 places take their own wee $63 thou. The Hendersonville Times-News told the story of how the modicum of porkulus greened Hendersonville’s mainstreet with retrofits to arrest climate change, created jobs, and stimulated the local economy with aContinue Reading

Cain’t Blame ‘Em for Tryin’

Starbucks Coffee is really into the corporate gifting scene, as you know. In a current exploit, which you probably don’t know about because only people on welfare can afford to go to Starbucks these days, the coffee company wants you to help create jobs by making a donation to Opportunity Finance Network, an organization thatContinue Reading