Daily Archives: January 26, 2012

The Mardi Gras before Lent – Please?

The Citizen-Times posted some peculiar pictures of the governor, apparently living it up yesterday with lots of beer. She was celebrating the state’s appropriation of twenty teacher salaries toward corporate welfare to coax Sierra Nevada to locate a brewery in Mills River. The photos seemed inappropriate, but in retrospect, they’re even weirder. Today, WWNC 570AMContinue Reading

A Little Bamanomics

There’s nothing a little taxpayer dollars can’t fix. AppalCART, the transit provider for Watauga County, wanted to build a new headquarters a couple years ago. They procured $5.5 million in porkulus. Then, they were blasted by the ever-amplifying reverberations from Bush’s economic turndown. To make matters worse, some weird microclimate caused extremely cold winters toContinue Reading

Superb! Bravo!

I commend Mission Hospitals for a brilliant marketing strategy: boasting mass layoffs in their marketing department.

It’s All Good

The Occupy movement gets a bad rap, but they have at least done one thing good. They appear to have motivated the Asheville Citizen-Times to practice extinction – ignoring the fifth marathon public hearing failing to address subsidized urban camping for one-sided political speech – to the extent they are scrutinizing council’s consent agenda forContinue Reading

Matt Brown doing double time

I was mentally shouting out a big —-pardon the pun —-yessss! as I read Yes!Weekly’s editorial letting Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown hear it over his push for a $30-plus million bond to replace aging War Memorial Auditorium: It’s important to remember that, though Brown is the city’s highest paid employee — by quite aContinue Reading

Will Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Seek The Governorship After Perdue Step Down?

Going out on a limb here, but Foxx statement reported in three tweets by Brad Broders @news14Broders seems to suggest he is considering it. Mayor Foxx: “(Perdue’s) decision not to run for re-election came as a surprise.  I remain focused on Charlotte and substantial work ahead … Mayor Foxx statement: “I will spend the comingContinue Reading

Meet Gov. Perdue's Pet Monster, Danny Hembree, the Likely Serial Killer She's Protecting by Blocking the Door to the Execution Chamber

This week, the entire nation was introduced to Governor Bev Perdue’s pet monster, the vicious killer she’s protecting by blocking the door to the execution chamber for killers just like him. By now you’ve probably seen death row inmate Danny Hembree Jr.’s mug jeering at you on national TV, as he laughs at the North Carolina death penalty system. People around theContinue Reading

Changes to the State Board of Education in 2012

In “Ten big changes coming to NC public schools in 2012,” I pointed out that there was a good chance that we would see changes to the powerful State Board of Education (SBE).  Now that Bev Perdue is out, her hand-picked chair of the SBE and de facto representative on the board, Bill Harrison, willContinue Reading