Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Craving One’s Craving

The governor wants to raise taxes so there will be enough for education. The Citizen-Times reports Asheville City Council is going to try to get $75,000 from the state to pay for almost half the remaining amount needed to complete a greenway. Most of the money is expected to be spent purchasing rights of way.Continue Reading

Same Old, Same Old

Read the story, and fill in the blanks. [A multiple of 100] jobs, with an average pay of [x] times what anybody else can get in the area, will be created thanks to the opening of [the new facility]. The new plant will require a capital outlay of [y] million dollars, investing it in theContinue Reading

Board Games

The Black Mountain ABC voted to return a request to fire their chair before the municipal board of aldermen. Two members of the board allege the third is not following through with the responsibilities of her position. The aldermen unanimously declined to hear the matter, saying they could not be impartial, so the board appealedContinue Reading

Aesthetics Translated to Public Safety, of Course

Waynesville is still trying to decide where to stash its Folkmoot statue. NIMBY’s object to its disturbing “disco-ball effect,” and complain of the dangers posed when the spinning flags are torn off by high winds.

Democrat (mostly) mayors back Perdue’s tax hike

Gov. Bev Perdue’s office is touting a letter (PDF) she received from the mayors of 53 North Carolina cities backing her proposal to raise the sales tax by 0.75 cents. (Press release here.) Dome notes that the mayors “represent cities big and small, from one end of the state to another.” And, we found, almostContinue Reading

RIP, Mary D.B.T. Semans

When I was managing editor of The Herald-Sun from 1988 to 2005, one thing we always taught new copy editors who had just moved to Durham from some other place, usually up north, was the name Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans. In the newsroom, we referred to her as “Mary Dee Bee Tee Semans,” andContinue Reading

Más allá de la ley Dream Act

¡El periodico, La Conexión, gracias otra vez por publicar mi articulo! Una batalla para ganar corazones y mentes, luego la ley Todos hemos escuchado acerca de la ley Dream Act, como el centro de los defensores de la reforma a la política migratoria. Durante más de diez años, diversas han sido las formas en las que seContinue Reading

Details on proposed Friendly-Hobbs development

Developers of the proposed —and already controversial— development at W. Friendly Avenue and Hobbs Road met with N&R reports and editorial writers today and provided details. The 53,000, four-building shopping center would be anchored by a grocery store and a drugstore, though no names were mentioned. Trader Joe’s and CVS have been rumored, however. TheContinue Reading