Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

We Need More Asian Basketball Players

I regret to present in short succession another story on how people are blamed for thinking with their pigment and profiling, while cause and effect are ignored. To be painfully explanatory, do African-Americans get fewer business loans because they don’t want to start businesses, because they don’t have much collateral, because they don’t major inContinue Reading

Occupy Tells Council Who’s Boss

I left the Asheville City Council meeting early in order to get to a computer and blog. Council was tied up for over three hours trying to negotiate a settlement with Occupy Asheville. City staff has complained that the lack of adequate sanitation has left the turf now occupied “saturated.” A business owner adjacent toContinue Reading

NC on Top 10 Worst List for Budget Management. Authors Puzzled. Why is the State So Broke?

North Carolina just made an elite list of states with the worst budget management in the country, alongside some perennial disaster case states. Wall Street 24/7 has named North Carolina to its list of the 10 States With the Most Trouble Paying Their Bills. On the list with North Carolina are Nevada, Washington, Illinois, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, NewContinue Reading

Surprise: federal farm subsidies discriminate against organic agriculture

Federal farm subsidies cost $14 billion each year, and they represent one of the many counterproductive expenses that ought to be cut sooner rather than later. From one of my FFF commentaries: The subsidies, broadly defined, go predominantly for products with established industries with abundant supplies: corn, wheat, cotton, soy, and rice… These are industry privileges, plainContinue Reading

You might be a progressive (or Newt Gingrich) if you have no interest in understanding this

In this article published at the Freeman Online I explain how all returns to investment is at least double taxed and therefore should not just face a reduced rate but should be exempt from explicit taxation completely. In other words by paying 15% on his capital gains Mitt Romney, along with all others who payContinue Reading

My favorite NHL player

I’m not a big hockey fan, but based on this story, I’d have to say that my favorite player is Boston goalie Tim Thomas, who declined to accompany his team to meet with Obama — because he believes in freedom and limited government.

New at CJO: Legislative leaders challenge Perdue to sales-tax debate

David Bass reports for Carolina Journal Online about Republican legislative leaders’ challenge to Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue to hold a series of debates about her proposal to raise the state sales tax.

2012 Portland/Sacramento Test

Yup, it’s that time of year again, where we see how things are going for US Airways flights to the mountain and Pacific time zones. The basics: the airline has for many years flown nonstop year-round from Charlotte to seven destinations out west: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.Continue Reading