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I am surely falling for the Madonnaoid trap of giving shock value publicity and therefore the name recognition necessary to win popularity contests like elections, but here goes: The Citizen-Times printed articles indicating more people are dependent on food stamps and charity for heating this year. Congressional candidate and Asheville city councilman Cecil Bothwell wasContinue Reading

Unlicensed Boxes Stealing Rights

Donation boxes cropped up in parking lots of Columbus grocery stores. Town Manager Johathan Kanipe was of the opinion the boxes had to be removed because they are not properly licensed, and the owners don’t have permission from the property owners to use their space. Signs on the boxes claimed they were the property ofContinue Reading

Playing Moffitt

A couple nights ago, I was talking to somebody about imposing perimeter-to-area limits for gerrymandering. Although it sounds like a great idea, it would only be another law, so it would probably eventually stand in the way of a very necessary outcome.

Scat! Shoo! Scram!

Is the City of Asheville trying to prevent a long public hearing tomorrow night? Their agenda contains an item entitled “Regulating the Use of City Property,” and the Clear Channel news today highlighted a public hearing affecting Occupants in Charlotte. That public hearing has probably concluded by now, but I have not seen an update.Continue Reading

On Collectivism

All quotes these days are claimed to be misattributed, but a lot of people believe Mark Twain said there were only three or four types of people who can use the royal plural. Depending on the source, those included were the pope, kings, kings and queens, presidents, and/or editors. All sources agree that people withContinue Reading

You might be a progessive if…

…you express allegedly deep concern when it comes to the the undocumentable, purely speculative loss of life from trace levels of pollutants like mercury, but could care less about the millions of documented lives that have been lost at the hands of abortionists.

BofA cuts more

Finds an additional $1 billion to $3 billion in annual savings on top the previously promised $5 billion. According to Bloomberg: The lender, which already targeted $5 billion in expense cuts from retail and back-office operations, may reach total savings of $6 billion to $8 billion a year, Moynihan said during a Jan. 19 employeeContinue Reading

Pro vs. Con on Health Exchanges

For legislators, from our sister state think tank, the Idaho Freedom Foundation.