Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

Planned Parenthood tacitly admits they were Tebowed

Planned Parenthood, an organization who from its founding has had to rely on euphemism to hide its true origins and mission, hopes that you will all forget something: that last year at this time they were upset that Focus on the Family, their bête noire, had purchased a Super Bowl ad featuring Denver Broncos quarterbackContinue Reading

US Airways said to develop American Airlines merger plan

So says Bloomberg. Note if US Airways decides to proceed, the formal bid may not come until late this year.

Three judge panel says May primary will take place as scheduled

A three-judge panel led by Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway was not persuaded by appeals from civil-rights groups and other liberal activists challenging the redistricting maps drawn by the Republican-led General Assembly. The panel refused, unanimously, to delay in the state’s May primary until the maps were reviewed and approved by the courts.Continue Reading

Southwest Airlines proper coming to Charlotte

Less than a day after saying “no decision yet”, Southwest Airlines today put out a press release announcing the fate of the stations it acquired in its acquisition of AirTran Airways: The 22 AirTran airports that will continue to operate and will eventually join the Southwest route map include: Flint, Mich. (FNT); Rochester, N.Y. (ROC);Continue Reading

“Oh, Yes. I’m the Great Pre-Spender.” “But Wait! I’m the Great Re-Spender.”

The Jackson County Commissioners are fighting over who gets credit for splurging on largesse with proceeds from the public treasury in times of economic hardship. The commemorative plaque itself will cost $1100 or $1900, which is chickenfeed to elective office holders. At issue is which board of commissioners was most responsible for appropriating $8 millionContinue Reading

Real Forward-Thinking, Twenty-First Century Progress

The economy is rebounding so quickly, Haywood County management has decided to lay off their steep slope engineer. The position was created in 2007, but in the past two years, “fewer than ten” projects required the engineering services. What’s more, employees in “related departments” have had their hours cut to 36 per week. Mark Shumpert,Continue Reading

Fiction vs. Reality – or vice versa

“I’ve got an idea that should allow geothermal energy to be harvested more efficiently than existing mechanisms,” said Dr. David Rockenhurst. “What’s more, it can be set up with minimal seismic disturbance and at no threat to water tables.” “What’s holding you back?” asked a skeptical Terrence Fui. “I need a source of investment capital.Continue Reading

Hostages Is Such a Harsh Word

Asheville City Schools have been ordered to pay three local charter schools a total of $791,000 for disputed funds. So what? The litigation remains unsettled over a number of matters. It was believed the public schools should have shared funds with the charter schools as long ago as 2006. An attorney representing Asheville Schools andContinue Reading