Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

On Redistricting, Term Limits, &c

The Macon County Commissioners agreed to move forward with limiting terms of planning board members. One would immediately suspect some other-party dude was hanging around too long.

As an Aside

The economy is booming. Jobs are being created. Today, I saw two independent ads for collection agents.

Gotta Love That Tool

Henderson County commissioners Wednesday discussed possible revenue sources for the county school system, including a quarter-cent local sales tax hike whose fate would rest with voters in the form of a referendum in May.

Hocus-Focus, Mission-Vision!

Hendersonville’s Main Street Advisory Board held a four-hour planning meeting for promoting Hendersonville. They have a vision and a mission statement. Funny. It seems the economy was thriving much better before all this mumbo-jumbo became standard fare for organizations. Besides, after three or four visions or mission statements, they all sound alike. Who wants toContinue Reading

No Jackson County Devals

The Jackson County Commissioners, consistent with public outcry, decided to postpone revals until January 2016.

Affordable Housing

The last mobile home dealership in Cherokee County closed.

Dem primary in the 10th Congressional District is one to watch

We’re anticipating a number of competitive Republican congressional primaries in North Carolina this year, but one on the Democratic side to keep an eye on is in the 10th District, now represented by Republican Patrick McHenry. Four candidates have announced so far: Asheville mayor Terry Bellamy, N.C. Rep. Patsy Keever, college professor Heath Wynn, andContinue Reading

Celebrate the week next week

Next week, you have a choice. 1.  Attend a National School Choice Week event.  Here is a quick review of events in North Carolina: School choice pioneer Dr. Howard Fuller will be the keynote speaker at the Parents for Educational Freedom in NC (PEFNC) night of celebration event in Greensboro.  The event will take place onContinue Reading