Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Civility about photo IDs for voters? If only

Richard Ford at the Durham Republican Party web site has some wise words about the effort to put some ballot security in the voter-registration and voting system. He points out something that the media, the NAACP, the Left, and the state’s Democratic officeholders don’t know: That bi-partisan panels have long advocated voter ID laws. HeContinue Reading

5-0 NO. Awesome.

And done with class. The Iredell County Commission voted unanimously against the $452 million Red Line Regional Rail project, which would have put their voters tens of millions of dollars in the hock. Iredell commissioners cited national studies showing how cities often underestimate the cost of new rail lines and consequently have to scale down theirContinue Reading

Redefining Usefulness

It is probably intended as a teaser. The Citizen-Times announced the NC Department of Labor has made several recommendations to the Asheville Fire Department following the death of Captain Jeffrey Bowen in the line of duty several months ago: The letter recommends the department “evaluate its training, policies and procedures to better address the accountabilityContinue Reading

You’ve Heard It All Before

An outpouring of public input from citizens in Blowing Rock convinced a narrow majority on town council to deprive all but the lawless of their Second Amendment rights in public parks. “Is it too much to ask somebody with a conceal carry permit to put it away for the time you are going to beContinue Reading

Thanks, Again, Walt Disney

Cherokee wants to revamp its downtown. The tribe is concerned the downtown looks a little trashy, and they would like to foster a Native-American feel. Tribal leadership hoped the business owners would yuppie-ize their storefronts of their own volition. When that didn’t happen, the tribe invested $4 million in up-fitting the facades of some ofContinue Reading

Red Light for the Red Line

Today the Iredell County Commissioners voted unanimously against an extension of the Charlotte commuter line known as the Red Line into Iredell County.  Here’s why the commissioners are right in saying no: 1.  Funding for the project is sketchy at best. They planned to use tax-increment financing, which has been disastrous in communities like RoanokeContinue Reading

Ferg’s take on Ron Paul: Interview on WGSO’s Ringside Politics

With successful campaigns in the Iowa and New Hampshire presidential primaries—third and second, respectively—Ron Paul remains in the national spotlight. However, two broad misunderstandings are impeding his rise as the conservative front-runner and alternative to Mitt Romney: first, confusion about Paul’s policy positions as a constitutional or paleoconservative; second, the dire state of the United StatesContinue Reading

Mamas make kids fat

As I wrote yesterday, schools have banned certain foods and beverages from vending machines, made school breakfasts and lunches more nutritious, and prohibited certain businesses from opening near schools, but none of these approaches have been successful. Now there is even more evidence that schools cannot do much to combat childhood obesity.  The January issueContinue Reading