Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Another Reason to Become Homeless

Tonight, the Buncombe County Commissioners received a report on poverty prevention and assistance programs in the county. Scott Rogers with ABCCM reported that veterans going through their program last year were placed in jobs earning at least $12/hr. The program looks at nine critical factors and teaches distinctions between the way lower-class and middle-class peopleContinue Reading

Ninety-Degree Cutoffs – for Public Input, That Is

The Buncombe County Commissioners passed an amended ordinance on light control. Amateur astronomers were very happy. Mike Plemmons with CIBO was not. Even though Commissioner Holly Jones read the amendments to the public at the meeting, he said people in the business community and farmers out in the county didn’t have a chance to vetContinue Reading

John. Marsha. John! Marsha!

In the latest episode of our drama . . . Hospital Wars . . . All three hospital systems made headlines today (1, 2, 3).

Flying Carpets, Jet Packs, & Stargates – Only

Put your visioning spectacles on and get ready to tell the peeps who use Charlotte Street in Asheville how you want them to get from place to place. Want a trolley? Want traffic bumps all down the street (for children)? How about a special mother’s lane for pregnant women walking twin-buggies? Want street trees butContinue Reading

Which Think Tank Was That?

Linda Southern objected to the commissioners wanting higher benefits for employees, citing a study by an unnamed think tank that showed residents of Buncombe County were paying 30% more per (man, woman, and child) capita for government than comparables.

Dems suddenly see Occupy protesters as a liability

Nancy Pelosi, who was among many Democrats who knee-jerkily supported the left-wing, hippie-reminiscent Occupy Wall Street protesters, now apparently wants to weaken the Democratic Party-Occupy Wall Street nexus.. In a fundraising mailing recently, she couldn’t even bring herself to use the name: If you need further proof that Congressional Republicans are putting big Wall StreetContinue Reading

Reaction from Berger, Tillis to Perdue’s tax-hike proposal

From Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham: Obviously, Gov. Perdue’s attempt to nip this economic recovery in the bud is dead on arrival at the General Assembly. The Democratic primary for governor apparently has devolved into a fight over who can raise the most taxes, spend the most money, and grow the biggest government. Gov. Perdue’sContinue Reading

Still feels like condescension to me

I’m sure Bon Appétit magazine thinks it’s flattering us yay-hoos down below the Mason-Dixon line by deigning to put a few smidgens of ink to slick paper about our eating and talking habits. But it still feels like full-blown condescension to me. Sort of like this: