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How ’bout a Tax Break?

The Buncombe County Commissioners have a lot of poverty-related issues on their next agenda. Some pertain to receiving federal funds. Some enumerate how funds will be used; e.g., building program capacity, supporting a living wage, case management, helping clients get jobs or get promoted, making sure offices are equipped and paperwork is complete, the usual.

Got Two of Those 8-Hour-a-Week Jobs Created?

The economy is booming. According to the

Jobs Policy in 4 easy steps

There’s been a lot of talk about jobs lately.  Jobs, job creation and economic recovery will be the key issue discussed and debated during the upcoming state-wide elections.  As always, JLF will be in middle of that discussion with a detailed plan and comprehensive ideas for real economic recovery. In the meantime, the candidates’ guideContinue Reading

How deplorably stupid is Newsweek?

Hat tip: Public Secrets blog To Newsweek, Barack Obama went from “sort of God” to better for Catholics than the Pope to, finally, “God of All Things.” I confess that the last cover story caused me to ask Newsweek: What sort of god fails like Obama? Me of little faith, a dissident from an increasinglyContinue Reading

Looking ahead to tonight’s GOP Debate

Tonight at 9 PM on FoxNews, the South Carolina GOP will host one of the last debates before the primary on January 21st. Participating in tonight’s debate will be Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry (Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race this morning). This may be one of theContinue Reading

The impact of big-time sports in American universities

Need more evidence that big-time sports play a major role in American universities? Duke economist and public policy professor Charles Clotfelter offers plenty of evidence in his recent book Big-Time Sports in American Universities. Clotfelter discussed key themes from his book during a presentation today to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In the videoContinue Reading

Boo-hoo — Americans don’t trust government enough

That’s the whine coming from the Obama regime, particularly when it comes to its greatest achievement: Obamacare. Mike Tanner has a good column today that explores some of the reasons why Americans don’t trust that Obamacare is going to accomplish all the wonderful things it was supposed to. Tanner observes that “in the last fewContinue Reading

Even less state press coverage

The newspaper biz is not what it once was. Among the places that newspapers across the state have cut back on is their coverage of state politics. Just a couple of years ago, the Charlotte Observer, Winston-Salem Journal, and Asheville Citizen-Times all had columnists based in Raleigh. Those columnists have since retired or moved on,Continue Reading