Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

Anatomy of A Charlotte Observer Hit Piece: 5 Simple Steps the Paper Used to Flim-Flam its Readers

Note: I spent my Sunday afternoon breaking down the way the Observer misled its readers in the political hit piece it ran today not to prove to you that the paper is incredibly biased to the left, which you already knew, but to expose the simple methods reporters are using this political season to flim-flam theirContinue Reading

Where is the “right to warmth” in the Constitution?

Jonah Goldberg, who is visiting Alaska during an historic cold snap, ran across a story about the Occupy Wall Street protesters are coping with -36 degree temperatures. Some have found a penumbra of a halo of an aurora of an implication of a new right in the U.S. Constitution: Baccala and other protesters contend theContinue Reading