Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Bobcats worst team in NBA?

Quite possibly. The Bobcats have won 2 of the 12 games they’ve played this season and just lost by 17 at home to the Detroit Pistons, a team that’s pretty horrible in its own right. You could argue that the Washington Wizards at 1-10 are worse, but the Bobcats have a larger average margin ofContinue Reading

Thatcher’s real legacy

As good an actress as Meryl Streep might be, there’s no way she could convey the real achievements of Margaret Thatcher, as the Heritage Foundation documents in the video clip below. HT: Rob Bluey

Moffitt Explains Anti-Asheville Bill

Journalist Nelda Holder interviewed Representative Tim Moffitt recently to attempt to get a grip on why he wanted to wrest the water system from the City of Asheville. When the legislation was first proposed, along with attempts to create a regional authority to take the airport away from the city and some other asset-seizing measures,Continue Reading

Why, Those Imperfect Little Bidders

Back when I taught school, I was an evil taskmaster. Often, I wouldn’t award partial credit, explaining to my students that if they grow up to be engineers and design a bridge that doesn’t reach the other side of the river, it is about as good as no bridge at all. The Haywood Community CollegeContinue Reading

Occupy Intentions Still Nebulous

This morning, Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy was on WWNC 570AM talking about Occupy Asheville. According to the mayor, everything is not as peaceful as reports indicate. She said there were health and safety issues such as urination and defecation, requiring more than the normal cleaning procedures for buildings. Also, passersby, attempting to pay municipal billsContinue Reading

The Slash and Burn Scenario: BofA Facing Retreat?

Bank of America could retreat from smaller markets and shrink its footprint as a disaster aversion tactic if its financial problems deepen, the Wall Street Journal reports. Executives at the Charlotte, N.C., financial giant put the potential move on a list of emergency scenarios submitted to the Federal Reserve last year, these people said. WhileContinue Reading

Why doesn’t he learn a little about Austrian theory before attacking it?

In a recent Slate piece, Matt Yglesias (who is with the Center for American Progress, a misnamed outfit if ever there was one) tried to belittle Ron Paul and Austrian economic theory. In his Freeman column today, Sheldon Richman offers a devastating rebuttal to Yglesias.  

US Airways may bid on American Airlines

Not a surprise, given that they also bid on Delta Air Lines when Delta was in Chapter 11. Bloomberg reports that Delta is also considering making a bid on American and David Bonderman’s TPG Capital might make a bid for or invest in American as well.