Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

War Memorial Auditorium clip-n-save

John Hammer’s Rhino story uncovers the behind-the-scenes plan by Coliseum director Matt Brown and Mayor Robbie Perkins to put a $30 million bond on the November ballot for renovations to War Memorial Auditorium. Note Hammer’s (not so)subtle dig at G’boro’s so-called ‘creative class’: Twice bonds to tear down and rebuild the War Memorial Auditorium haveContinue Reading

2012 ranking of economic freedom: USA slips another slot to 10th, further behind Canada

The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal have just released their 2012 ranking of nations according to economic freedom, and here are the top ten: 1 Hong Kong; 2 Singapore; 3 Australia; 4 New Zealand; 5 Switzerland; 6 Canada; 7 Chile; 8 Mauritius; 9 Ireland; 10 United States. While still in there, the United States dropped one placeContinue Reading

Yo District Attorney Murray: Why Haven't You Put Teflon Shea Roseboro Away?

Teflon Shea Roseboro rides again, as usual without a license, once again proving me right that it is an incorrect assumption on the part of much of the citizenry here that a license is actually required to drive in this county. He was arrested half a dozen times for driving without a license in the lastContinue Reading

Economic smarts and business smarts

If someone who is accused of ignorance of economics responds by pointing to his own success as a business person, he is proving his accuser’s case.

The state of economic ignorance at the NCGA

My colleague Sara Burrows has an excellent article today’s Carolina Journal online on the possibility that, by designating several species of fish as game fish, the North Carolina legislature may cause significant damage to the state’s coastal fishing industry and deny fish eaters of the state the possibility of enjoying striped bass, spotted sea trout,Continue Reading

Texas ruling could impact N.C.’s new abortion law

Pro-choice groups have filed suit against a new law that creates a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion and requires physicians to offer an ultrasound image of the unborn child to the woman prior to the procedure. An appellate court ruling from Texas — a victory for pro-lifers — could impact the case here inContinue Reading

D.C. hates food trucks even more than Raleigh and Chapel Hill

And we thought the city fathers of Chapel Hill and Raleigh were hostile to food trucks: Over the past week, District officials have been visiting food trucks and telling them that beginning on Jan 13, 2012, they will be ticketing food trucks that don’t have a line formed in front of them. Specifically, if thereContinue Reading

East Forsyth Taser video

A Kernersville police officer Tasers an East Forsyth High School student. Looked to me like kind of a weenie fight when the officer appeared out of nowhere and put the kid down. The Winston-Salem Journal says “a voice that appears to be the officer’s is heard yelling “Taser,” then the officer comes into the camera’sContinue Reading