Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

Yo, Anyone See Where I Put My Priorities?

A small brouhaha has stirred over Tryon Town Council’s firing or pseudo-firing of the town manager. The issue does not so much concern any wrongdoing or drastic difference of opinions, so much as whether or not every t was dotted and eye was crossed in the firing process.

Saturated with Conservation Easement News

The Sylva Herald is but the latest in the parade (pronounced pah-ROD) of media outlets to celebrate the fad. It posted a gleeful announcement about another person’s decision to restrict what he can do with his own property while simultaneously devaluing it.

Deval Time

Last March, the Jackson County Commissioners agreed to postpone devaluing properties until January. At that time county Manager Chuck Wooten said that while most people’s property tax values would likely decrease if the county proceeded with revaluation in 2012, tax rates would likely have to be raised to continue the county’s revenue-neutral tax system. Well,Continue Reading

Set, Set, Set Them Free

North Carolina’s leading teacher lobbying group [The North Carolina Association of Educators] has sued to block a new law from taking effect that would prevent its members from having their dues removed automatically from their paychecks. That means they think teachers, absent the proverbial point of a gun, have sufficient wisdom to spend their hard-earnedContinue Reading

Letters for Trying Hard to Drop out

The media wants us to celebrate the awarding of $1.7 million to Western Carolina University from the US Department of Education. It is for a renamed program that is supposed to prepare low-income high school kids for staying in college. It is needed because the old-fashioned parental technique of scaring kids into getting good gradesContinue Reading

A Statistical Perspective on the Racial Justice Act

Last Wednesday, House Republicans failed to garner enough votes to override Governor Perdue’s veto on the Racial Justice Act(RJA). The 2009 law, which allows North Carolina death row inmates to challenge their death sentences on the grounds of racial bias, was repealed by the General Assembly, but the governor vetoed that repeal. RJA Supporters haveContinue Reading

Pricey Harrison: Perfect score

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters has released its legislative scorecard (PDF). As you can probably imagine, Republicans didn’t score nearly as well as Democrats. Among Democrats, there were some high ’90s and a couple of 100s for individual sessions. But only one legislator has a perfect 100 lifetime score—-do I even need toContinue Reading

Economic freedom leads to many more benefits

Economic freedom might help some people get rich, but what benefit does it create for society as a whole? Jenna Ashley Robinson of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy offered answers to that question during a presentation today to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In the video clip below, Robinson discusses the importanceContinue Reading