Daily Archives: January 8, 2012

Dems: Gubment Issued ID Now Needed to Buy Drano, But Not to Vote … Black People's Access to Drano Now Unconstitutionally Restricted

Democrats don’t trust you with Drano. And they apparently really don’t trust black people with it. You now need to show a government ID to buy it and at least 25 other “dangerous” products commonly found in hardware stores in Illinois thanks to a new state law.  But voting without a government issued ID, or anContinue Reading

Quaintance-Weaver renovating Reynolds building?

The Winston-Salem Journal’s Richard Craver writes up Quaintance-Weaver Hotel’s possible renovation of the downtown Reynolds Building. The Journal’s Richard Craver raises the possibility that Quaintance will ask for local incentives. Certainly they will seek tax credits, although the Reynolds building is not yet eligible for historic tax credits. As you can probably imagine, I appreciatedContinue Reading