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Your Government (by the People, Choke! Choke!) Can Take Risks You Can’t

The City of Asheville will hold a public hearing about taking out $50 million in debt this Tuesday. According to the advertisement, funds will be used for streets, greenways, the Civic Center, City Hall, the city’s responsibilities for the new parking deck at 51 Biltmore Avenue, refinancing of other debt, and more. The City isContinue Reading

Biltmore Socks It To Hyper-Regulation and Government Favoritism – Again

Biltmore Farms is requesting the city change a policy to help make it more eligible for poverty discounts. Of interest is Biltmore Park, which is sort of like the La Jolla of Asheville. I have commended Biltmore Farms in the past for their ability to run a very profitable organization. So profitable are they, theyContinue Reading

MHO Scores HTR Again

Asheville taxpayers have made themselves somewhat of an official lender for Mountain Housing Opportunities. The reasons could be that the Housing Trust Fund is not well-advertised, developers tend to be capitalists who insist on earning profits rather than taking booty from taxpayers, or MHO has mastered the grant application process. Year after year, city staffContinue Reading

Like Taunting Your Substitute Teacher into Behaving Idiotically

The City of Asheville will try again to regulate the Occupy movement. City staff proposed prohibitions against setting open fires, damaging vegetation, and interfering with other persons’ rights to use public property. Giving staff’s recommendations a run for the money are recommendations from council’s Public Safety Committee. The recommendations consist of a number of bulletContinue Reading

There Is a Reason for Checks & Balances for Public Organizations

City of Asheville staff are recommending waiving the requirements to bid out their auditing, preferring to continue working with Dixon Hughes. Staff cites savings in time and money. Timing is likely moot, since the mayor was the only person publicly expressing aggravation at the city’s late filing of financial information when its CEO resigned, theContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you don’t think that the “argument” that cats kill more birds than wind turbines is a non sequitur.

Obama's immigration gambit

The Charlotte Observer ran a New York Times story on immigration reform on its front page today. And as front-page NYT stories goes, this one leaves a lot to be desired. So here’s the deal: Currently if you’re age 18+ and in the country illegally, either because you just came over the border or becauseContinue Reading

Well, Well, Well — More Obamacare Waivers for Unions

You can’t make it up. It is the classic Leftist action: support government rules for everyone else, and then get an exemption for themselves. If Obamacare is so wonderful, then why aren’t unions dying to jump on the government-knows-best gravy train? Documents released in a classic Friday afternoon news dump show that labor unions representing 543,812 workersContinue Reading