Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

Jim Black's Sweatheart Deal

That undeveloped piece of land in Matthews supposedly worth $613,000 that Jim Black used to pay off half his $1 million state fine just sold for… $295,427. This does not increase confidence in state government.

Wake schools to get less than 50 cents on the dollar for Jim Black property

Ron Margiotta was right. Jim Black fleeced Wake County schools. You may recall that more than two years ago, Carolina Journal’s David N. Bass reported on the unusual settlement arrangement allowing convicted felon former House Speaker Jim Black to settle half his $1 million criminal fine by donating undeveloped property he owned in Mecklenburg County.Continue Reading

What if The New York Times had covered Jesus’ birth

A belated Christmas-themed link from The People’s Cube:

Public statements don’t tell whole story on job numbers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes both seasonally adjusted employment numbers and raw unadjusted numbers. Federal officials usually use the seasonally adjusted numbers in their comments as they did today. A look at the raw numbers gives a different picture than the one given by some government spokesmen. Here are excerpts from the statement ofContinue Reading

Did Iowa caucus typo cost Santorum? (Or, ‘Hey, I know that woman’)

Some of you might find of interest this KCCI Television report explaining that a typo involving a 53-person Republican caucus might have helped Mitt Romney top Rick Santorum in this week’s Iowa voting. Others of you might say, “Hey, that blonde gal looks familiar.” Yes, that is Stacey Horst, formerly evening news anchor at NewsContinue Reading

Liberal Special Interests to Pick Judges

There’s an effort driven by the North Carolina Bar Association to try and eliminate the election of judges and replace it by having liberal special interest groups pick judges. As I have written, there was a constitutional amendment (SB 548) proposed to do this, but fortunately it hasn’t gone anywhere. In the interim, Governor PerdueContinue Reading

That Overly Trite Definition of Insanity

Pisgah Legal Services published five recommendations in a brief, “Putting a Dent in Poverty in 2012.” It begins by saying Buncombe County’s poverty rate was 17.2%, which is more than double the current unemployment rate. The number of people receiving food stamps has doubled since 2008. The current number, 37,000, represents 16% of the populationContinue Reading

Signs of Economic Recovery

Recurring themes in the news this holiday season have been stories of restaurant closings and people getting in trouble for ill procurement of gain.