Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

JLF expert recommends steps for repaying N.C.’s $2.6 billion unemployment insurance debt

As state lawmakers grilled the head of the N.C. Division of Employment Security today on steps the state plans to take to repay $2.6 billion to the feds for unemployment insurance benefits, JLF’s Fergus Hodgson prepared to release a new report on the topic. Learn more about Hodgson’s report here and in the video clipContinue Reading

The Spin: Mecklenburg's Unemployment Rate Declined Dramatically. The Truth: Number of Jobs Here Actually DOWN

The Mecklenburg County unemployment rate just went down to 9.8 percent, the Observer reports. The Observer calls this “… an improvement from the previous month and from a year ago, the state Division of Employment Security said this morning … The county’s jobless rate was 10 percent in October, and 10.4 percent in November 2010.” Fine.Continue Reading

Unthinkable: Will Gov. Bev Perdue Actually Succeed at Liberating the State's Worst Killers from Death Row?

Ask the average person off the street if they’d vote to potentially let over 100 of the state’s most brutal murderers off death row and commute their sentences to life if they could. Ask them if they’d free another 27 or so death row inmates outright. As in onto the street. See what they’d say. That’s what the Racial JusticeContinue Reading

Womble crash victim impaired

Interesting development in the investigation into the Dec. 2 crash that critically injured Winston-Salem Rep. Larry Womble and killed another other driver. Police Chief Scott Cunningham says the other driver, 54-year-old David Carmichael, had a blood alcohol level of .29 at the time of the crash. Carmichael was driving along Reynolds Park Road when Womble’sContinue Reading

Personal plug: Stateless Man radio show begins tonight!

Perhaps you’ve noticed the pretty banners in my latest articles, promoting the Overseas Radio Network, but tonight is the night! This evening I have my debut broadcast as host of the Stateless Man show, Wednesday 6 to 8pm EST. To register with ORN and listen in online, please click here or on the banner below,Continue Reading

Mission Drift

The Town of Black Mountain is saying farewell to former town manager Marcy Onieal. The Black Mountain News acknowledged her tenure coincided with the general economic turndown. As a result, it was characterized by fund balance appropriations, tax increases, and layoffs. But attempting to pay tribute, the newspaper notes: At the same time, the townContinue Reading

A Veritable City of Industry

While you were at work, the Asheville Argus captured escenas de la vida in downtown Asheville. Incidentally, I spoke yesterday with somebody at a headhunting firm that is closing its Western North Carolina office. She said there aren’t enough jobs in Asheville for the huge influx of people. The newspapers, however, say unemployment in BuncombeContinue Reading

RJA: Just a reminder

As House Republicans gauge a possible override of Gov. Perdue’s veto of the Racial Justice Act repeal, it’s important to take note of the RJA’s unintended consequences. RJA supporters reassure us that no prisoner on death row will be released —inmates that win an appeal would be sentenced to life without parole. But there haveContinue Reading