Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

Here’s Why

The excessive Buncombe County jail space referenced in an earlier post is attributable to the county’s jail diversion programs. Prior to implementing the programs, experts expected they’d need to build yet another jail by now.

Because the Private Sector Needs Government

The Mountaineer posted the following: The North Carolina Value-Added Cost Share (NCVACS) program, administered by N.C. MarketReady, is now accepting applications for the 2012 equipment cost share funding cycle. The program, funded by the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, provides up to $50,000 to agricultural producers and processors seeking to purchase specialized equipment to startContinue Reading

Camp Free While You Can

Asheville City Council refused to take action on staff recommendations to ban camping on city property. The action was clearly intended to address the huddled masses of pup tents adjacent to city hall. Said tents are inhabited by a general assembly that meets to vision against Wall Street robber barons. Free camping next to cityContinue Reading

Ron Paul walks the talk: Rebuttal to the Liberty Bullhorn

A clear pattern of Ron Paul’s campaign is that his staunchest critics are self-proclaimed conservatives and GOP spokesmen. This is ironic and unfortunate, because Paul, according to the American Journal of Political Science, is the most conservative congressman since 1937. As John Nichols puts it so well: Ron Paul represents the ideology that Republican insiders mostContinue Reading

Cindy Sheehan at Occupy rally: ‘I haven’t paid my income tax’ in 8 years

Well all right, then.

Does HS diploma requirement violate ADA?

Yesterday, The Washington Times published a story that demonstrates what happens when 1) a well-intentioned law goes awry, and 2) Washington bureaucrats assert the bureaucracy at the expense of businesses.  Here is the gist: Employers are facing more uncertainty in the wake of a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warning them that requiringContinue Reading

The State's First Toll Road Already Popular With Drivers

The Triangle Expressway, the first toll road in modern day North Carolina, has begun collecting tolls. At 3.5 miles long and 15 cents a mile, that’s roughly $10.50 a month if you want to ride the whole way. Apparently at least 9,000 people want to drive some portion of the expressway. They’ve already bought transponders.Continue Reading

The silly notion that government debt is costless

Don’t worry about increasing government debt — we only owe it to ourselves! That has been the Keynesian refrain for many decades. The problem with it, as Don Boudreaux points out in the letter below, is that it completely ignores opportunity costs. Resources commandeered for governmental purposes are then unavailable for the private sector, whichContinue Reading