Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Obama-friendly super PAC has work to do

Politico reports on 1911 United, a super PAC formed by two historically black fraternities celebrating their 100th anniversary last year. The group will spend its money primarily locating black voters in swing states who haven’t participated in the political process and getting them to vote for the re-election of President Obama. That’s the goal, anyway.Continue Reading

Gobsmacked: Charlotte Region's Shadow Home Inventory a Massive FOUR TIMES the National Average.

HOLY COW! If this doesn’t make you spit your coffee at the computer screen like I did this morning, I don’t know what will. Reading this in the Charlotte Observer this morning absolutely gobsmacked me. For every home currently listed for sale in Mecklenburg County, at least two more are poised to come on theContinue Reading

Never forget who backed the Occupy movement

Most Democrats, President Obama, and N.C. Democratic office holders U.S. Rep. Brad Miller and Sec. of State Elaine Marshall have vocally backed the rancid Occupy Wall Street movement. And don’t forget The News & Observer, which has also found the movement appealing, and has extolled its virtues in editorials and columns. Here’s the latest N&OContinue Reading