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New at CJO: Republican Rep. Dale Folwell will not seek re-election

David Bass reports for Carolina Journal Online that Rep. Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth, will not seek re-election.

REINS Act: Restoring Accountability to Lawmaking

Yesterday, the United States House passed the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS Act, H.R. 10)) by a 241-184 vote.   No Republican voted against the bill, while only 4 democrats voted for it. Congress often delegates significant power to government agencies.  As a result, these agencies have an excessive amount ofContinue Reading

Entrepreneurship Council: North Carolina 37th in nation, worst in South, for small business policy climate

A new ranking from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council places North Carolina in the bottom third of the nation for its public policy friendliness towards small businesses—37th and well behind all bordering states. Tennessee is the nearest at 25th, while South Carolina is 5th, Virginia 10th, and Georgia 16th. Here are the top 15 states:Continue Reading

One reaction to Obama’s “Teddy Roosevelt” speech

J.D. Tuccille finds it nauseating. Read his comments here. Teddy Roosevelt was a bombastic, militaristic, authoritarian, nationalist who started the country on the ruinous path to the imperial presidency. Of course Obama likes him.

The Founders explain the meaning of “limited government”

Our friends at What Would the Founders Think offer this series of quotes from the Founders on the meaning of limited government.  Madison, Washington, Jefferson explain the Constitution.  Too bad our schools don’t teach this stuff.  They are too busy with diversity training, Anti-drug lectures and the whole assortment of politically correct education. The FoundersContinue Reading

The Political Implications of Ignoring Our Own Ignorance

That is the title of this terrific, insightful essay by economist Arnold Kling. Among other points, he shows the utter falsity of the post-financial crash narrative offered by defenders of big government (i.e., opponents of laissez-faire) that the crash was due to “de-regulation” under Republican administrations. On the contrary, Kling writes, “from the regulators’ pointContinue Reading

Investment at lowest level since WWII

That is the most striking revelation in this sharp Forbes column by Nick Schulz. Wonder why that is. Could Obama’s relentlessly statist policies have anything to do with it?

Newt as Churchill?

Steven Hayward doesn’t actually label Newt Gingrich the next Winston Churchill, “which would indeed feed Newt’s grandiosity.” But Hayward does compare the two political figures in a new National Review Online column. The important fact is this: The example of Churchill (and also Reagan to some extent) shows that we cannot prospectively identify those whomContinue Reading