Monthly Archives: December 2011

Invasive species of the moment: large snakes

Think Burmese pythons and the like that people let loose into the wild. These are already a major problem in south Florida and research by Davidson College’s Michael Dorcas suggests that they may be able to survive further north. The question now is whether federal restrictions on nine species are large constrictors is appropriate.

“I’ll Have the . . . WHOOOPS!”

I’ve spent the morning reading papers by John Boyle, a Michigan n actuary with a strong interest in government. After covering local government meetings for various outlets for about a decade, I have rarely heard the remotest hint of what Boyle believes is key to bankrupting governments. Fiscal conservatives have a record for paying muchContinue Reading

Is the Jail Too Big?

The Buncombe County jail annex has been closed for renovations. The facility is perhaps best known for stashing as rebar the confiscated firearms that took a walk from the county’s evidence room. To my knowledge, no x-rays were ever taken to verify the claim. It may be the claim was too preposterous to justify investigation.Continue Reading

Representation without Taxation

Tryon Township owns the bed of Lake Lanier, but all properties surrounding the lake are in Greenville, SC. The lake is private, so citizens of Tryon do not get to use it. The township owns the lake for water treatment purposes. Problems arise, as they recently did again, when somebody feels lakefront property owners areContinue Reading

US Airways adds Des Moines and Omaha

Finally. We’ve been talking about this for years, but US Airways is filling into two significant holes in its route map from Charlotte: Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE. These are two of the largest markets within 1,200 miles or so without nonstop service to Charlotte. And from US Airway’s perspective, they are relative lowContinue Reading

Being able to opt-out of Social Security. Oh man, imagine that.

In Ron Paul’s press conference regarding his “Plan to Restore America,” he recommended that individuals below the age of 26 be able to opt out of Social Security altogether. “The proposal protects Social Security beneficiaries, but it also does something new. Because I cut so many other dollars, we can take care of the elderly,Continue Reading

Occupy Charlotte protestors burn American flag

And, to be honest, it really comes as no surprise. Why? As someone who graduated from a university where protests were common (UNC-Chapel Hill), I’m pretty familiar with leftist protest types. A fair percentage are anarchists, Trotskyists, etc. And get enough of them together for long enough, and they’ll do something that utterly undermines theirContinue Reading

Rasmussen: 47% Say GOP Will Win White House, 39% Say Obama Will Win

Rasmussen polling shows just 14% of likely voters surveyed are “undecided” on who will win the presidency in November. While just 39% say President Obama will be re-elected, I say the Obama campaign machine is formidable and if the Left continues to be successful at demonizing producers and entrepreneurs, and telling Americans they are victimsContinue Reading