Monthly Archives: December 2011

Invasive species of the moment: large snakes

Think Burmese pythons and the like that people let loose into the wild. These are already a major problem in south Florida and research by Davidson College’s Michael Dorcas suggests that they may be able to survive further north. The question now is whether federal restrictions on nine species are large constrictors is appropriate.

Being able to opt-out of Social Security. Oh man, imagine that.

In Ron Paul’s press conference regarding his “Plan to Restore America,” he recommended that individuals below the age of 26 be able to opt out of Social Security altogether. “The proposal protects Social Security beneficiaries, but it also does something new. Because I cut so many other dollars, we can take care of the elderly,Continue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

North Carolina will play a key role in presidential candidates’ electoral calculations in the new year. John Hood explains why in the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Roy Cordato will discuss Climategate 2.0, and Rick Henderson will react to a recent legislative update about the transfer of the state Employment Security Commission to theContinue Reading

Gary North on the failure of Keynesianism

Gary North discusses here the obvious failure of Keynesianism and the impending government defaults.

Faulty Analogy: Racial Justice Act and Employment Discrimination Cases

A common argument by proponents of the Racial Justice Act is statistical evidence is used in employment and housing discrimination cases, so why not for death penalty cases? Using employment discrimination cases as a comparison: It is true that intentional discrimination isn’t required under the law.  There’s something called disparate impact discrimination. This is aContinue Reading

Kudlow explores the supply-side case for Gingrich

The latest issue of National Review offered little to recommend Newt Gingrich as a potential Republican presidential nominee. If the cover illustration of Newt as Marvin the Martian didn’t offer a big enough hint, the series of anti-Newt articles inside the magazine certainly left no doubts. But today, National Review Online features Lawrence Kudlow‘s takeContinue Reading

Hanson puts today’s European squabbles in perspective

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest National Review Online column explores today’s European turmoil from a historical perspective: Most European grandees recently felt that the American cowboys got what they deserved in Iraq and during the financial panic of 2008. Then they blamed their own fiscal meltdown on imported Wall Street viruses — only to appeal forContinue Reading

Cal Thomas targets Justice Department’s rejection of S.C.’s voter ID law

Cal Thomas aims his latest column at the U.S. Justice Department’s perplexing decision to oppose South Carolina’s new voter identification law: Justice says the law discriminates against minorities. The Obama administration said, “South Carolina’s law didn’t meet the burden under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which outlawed discriminatory practices preventing blacks from voting.” Why SouthContinue Reading