Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Earth to Pat McCrory

You’ve got Democrats raising money for you, dude. Anyone who read sister blog Meck Deck under the watch of Jeff Taylor knows he wasn’t exactly Mayor Pat’s best buddy. But successor Tara Servatius from offers some friendly advice for his (more than likely) upcoming campaign against Gov. Bev Perdue: But McCrory is the only candidateContinue Reading

What Do the Democrats Fundraising for McCrory Know that We Don't?

What do the Democrats fundraising for former Mayor PatMcCrory know that we don’t? These aren’t fly by night types with  just enough money to make them dangerous who don’t know how to read polls or the political climate. The Democrats raising dough for McCrory, a Republican, know better. These are people who backed former Democrat governors JimContinue Reading

A week with Occupy Greensboro

Yes! Weekly spends a week with Occupy Greensboro. Here’s what jumped put at me (my emphasis): Zack Sadeq, who has actively participated since the first meeting and has been camped out all week…. Sadeq, who is from Greensboro, quit his job at Papa John’s after six years this summer and is taking a basic mathContinue Reading

Let the games begin!

I’m referring to the great news that UNCC’s football program is moving ahead as planned. The school is building its new football stadium, which is supposed to be ready to go next year. Read all about it here. I’ve made the football boosters angry before, but I’ll say it again — this is just aContinue Reading

New report on teacher pay

In Assessing the Compensation of Public-School Teachers, Jason Richwine and Andrew Biggs conclude that “public-school teacher salaries are comparable to those paid to similarly skilled private sector workers, but that more generous fringe benefits for public-school teachers, including greater job security, make total compensation 52 percent greater than fair market levels, equivalent to more thanContinue Reading

Obama and Bush as wartime executives

The latest issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis features former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s assessment of the Obama administration’s approach to the fight against Islamism. President Obama campaigned for office largely on the claim that his predecessor had shredded the Constitution. By the Constitution, he could not have meant the document signed on September 17,Continue Reading

Why the president is spending so much time focusing on North Carolina

Mark Halperin offers a clue in his answer to one of TIME’s latest “Big Questions”: Where will the race be won and lost? It will be very hard for Obama to repeat his ’08 wins in Florida and Indiana, and he has challenges in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. An Obama landslide seems out ofContinue Reading

Jobs’ failures helped pave the way for his successes

The latest TIME reminds us that Steve Jobs was able to become a great success after he switched gears from his economic failures: We forget now how early and how spectacularly Jobs succeeded–when Apple went public in 1980, Jobs netted $256 million–and also how thoroughly he failed. After the Apple II in 1977, he essentiallyContinue Reading