Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

I wonder if they take the ‘Yuck Factor’ into account

A fascinating article in the latest TIME delves into the strategies supermarkets use to encourage more purchases from their shoppers. Among the findings: Over several months of experimenting, the team noticed that using a dollar sign in front of the price decreases shoppers’ likelihood of making the purchase. The dollar sign is a symbol ofContinue Reading

Politicians and central banks keeping us in ‘perpetual party mode’

In his latest Ideas Matter update, Max Borders focuses on a vexing question: What’s the best way to explain to people that recessions are good for us? Johan Norberg says, we have gone on too long confusing the symptoms with the pathology. Actually, he uses the metaphor of the alcohol abuser, so let’s stick toContinue Reading

Obama’s new executive order not quite what it seems

Tevi Troy dissects for National Review Online’s “Corner” blog a new Obama administration executive order targeting the “growing problem of drug shortages.” This is undoubtedly a complex subject and there are a variety of factors at work, but the text of the EO reveals something quite different from what most reports suggest, namely that theContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Karen Welsh reports for Carolina Journal Online about Kinston’s vote to determine whether the mayor should have veto power. John Hood’s Daily Journal punctures myths about taxes.