Occupiers get their own coloring book

Bored of sitting in your pup tent freezing your posterior off? Weary of fending off rapists and molesters? Tired of defecating on cop cars? Well, there’s a solution!

Occupiers around the country can now get their paws on an Occupy coloring book:

“A great stocking stuffer!” That’s how the St. Louis-based company that’s publishing the Occupy coloring book describes it. The book, now only days old, depicts what publisher Wayne Bell calls “a lot” of varied opinions some, “fire breathing.”

It includes quotes from Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly and more. “As with all of our books, we don’t really take a position, we try to represent what people tell us,” says Bell.

The Occupy coloring book is meant for adults to share with kids. It’s the latest in a series of what Bell calls “cultural event books.” They cost $6.99, but the last one, depicting the events of 9-11, went for as much as $60 on eBay after selling out.

David N. Bass

Communications Director and Grants Officer for the John William Pope Foundation. Views expressed are his own.

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