Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

Proposed site for Occupy Raleigh’s tent city

Occupy Raleigh protesters want to set up a permanent site for their campaign, the News & Observer reports: Huberman, who has lived in Raleigh for 35 years, said Occupy Raleigh wants to relocate to the Avery Upchurch Park at Dawson and Morgan streets, beside the city parking deck. “There we can have shelter, food andContinue Reading

I want [government] candy

Here’s a slideshow I put together featuring photos Don Carrington and I took at the Occupy Raleigh protest, set to “I Want Candy.” I Want [Government] Candy

JLF experts question Montgomery County’s proposed sales-tax hike

Terry Stoops and Fergus Hodgson wonder why Montgomery County is seeking a $250,000 sales-tax hike on top of a recent $1 million property-tax increase. Learn more about their critique here. After raising property taxes by $1 million and increasing county revenues by $1.7 million between 2009 and 2010, Montgomery County commissioners are asking voters toContinue Reading

NC NAEP scores: Little change

Since the early 1990s, North Carolina has participated in the federal National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing program.  The 2011 (biennial) results were released today. Reading: Fourth-grade reading scores were not significantly different than 2009, but there was a statistically significant increase in eighth-grade reading scores.  Reading scores were not significantly different than theContinue Reading

JLF legal expert raises concerns about misuse of tax dollars to support sales-tax referendums

Daren Bakst has fired off a series of letters this week to the Durham, Orange, and Montgomery county school systems; city of Durham; and Orange County government. Bakst believes each unit of government has broken a 2010 state law by using tax dollars to promote sales-tax referendums on the Nov. 8 ballot. He explains moreContinue Reading

College subsidies just make it more costly

One of the greatest myths of our times is that government subsidies are needed to make things (such as medical care, housing, or education) “affordable.” What such subsidies do is to encourage those who provide the services to increase their charges, since their customers have more to spend thanks to our generous government. In thisContinue Reading

Neighborhood trick-or-treating?

Dear Progressives, It is not too early to begin formulating an assignment plan for Halloween 2012.  I am sure that you dislike the fact that families stayed in their neighborhoods to collect candy.  Isn’t it time to bus kids to different neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating?  Let’s reduce candy inequality and promote costume diversity together! ByContinue Reading

New N.C. Court of Appeals opinions

Among the latest batch of opinions from the N.C. Court of Appeals: A unanimous three-judge panel upheld a conviction of “robbery with a dangerous weapon” against a man who used a stun gun during the 2008 robbery of a bank branch inside a Wake County Wal-Mart. A unanimous three-judge panel affirmed a lower-court ruling inContinue Reading