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Daniel Hannan tries to educate the OWS protesters

That wonderfully perceptive Brit Daniel Hannan, a member of the thoroughly worthless European Parliament, here attempts to educate the protesters about reality. Alas, it seems that most of those people are impervious to argumentation.

Ethen’s Law set to take effect Thursday

Some of the top advocates of North Carolina’s new Unborn Victims of Violence Act — dubbed Ethen’s Law — gathered at the Legislative Building for a morning news conference. The law takes effect Thursday. Click play below to watch a 17-minute news briefing featuring Rep. Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth; Effie Steele, mother of a murdered pregnantContinue Reading

Daren Bakst to break wind power myths during pair of radio appearances

As Daren Bakst prepares for a pair of coastal wind power workshops next week (Monday in Wilmington, Tuesday in Morehead City), he’ll discuss his wind power concerns during a pair of radio interviews this afternoon. Tune in or log on to WPTF at 2:46 p.m. to hear Daren chat with Bill LuMaye. Head to WTKF‘sContinue Reading

Re: Sustainability as a racket

Those of you who are interested in delving further into the dubious nature of the sustainability industry might enjoy two National Legal and Policy Center articles from our friend Paul Chesser. McDonalds Targeted by Stonyfield Farm Front Group Climate Scorekeepers Can’t Keep Their Grades Straight

Ron Paul: A favorite among bureaucrats and those who feed from the government trough?

It’s not posted online, but the following blurb from the latest print version of Bloomberg Businessweek offers a surprising fact about Ron Paul’s presidential bid: It comes as no surprise that federal employees and those who work for the biggest government contractors are giving cash to Barack Obama in the Presidential race. But who wouldContinue Reading

Sure as day follows night, an economist named Galbraith will embrace a goofball idea

What’s the No. 1 step the federal government could take now to address our economic woes? Bloomberg Businessweek asked University of Texas professor James K. Galbraith, son of one the most prominent Keynesian economists in history. So what should be done? Since we cannot persuade people to make investments in the reconstruction of the country,Continue Reading

Sustainability as a racket

Those of you who read Roy Cordato’s 2008 Macon Research Series report might remember his admonition to political leaders who are interested in sustainability: So long as there is a free market system, where prices are allowed to fluctuate and entrepreneurs are free to pursue profits through creativity and innovation, sustainable development is assured. IndeedContinue Reading

Borders, Ferguson highlight a policy contradiction

In his latest Ideas Matter update, Max Borders focuses on a video from historian Niall Ferguson that points to an inherent contradiction in federal government policies involving banks. On the one hand you have a regulatory approach that seeks to re-capitalize and tighten up large lending institutions. On the other hand, you have a macroeconomicContinue Reading