Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Appropriating a Future . . . for Children

The Jackson County Commissioners are considering appropriating funds for a fine arts center and gymnasium for Smoky Mountain High School. The approved plan includes a 1,508-seat gym, a 754-seat theater, a chorus room and a theater workshop. The cost is estimated to be $11.5 million, but due to desperation in the construction industry, costs mayContinue Reading

Suggested Rail Subsidy

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad might return to Dillsboro. A draft agreement exposed by the Sylva Herald proposes the following terms: Jackson County and the TTA would pay one-half of the expenses of moving the 1913 Swedish #1149 steam engine and train set from Belfast, Maine, to GSMR’s repair shop in Dillsboro. GSMR would payContinue Reading

In the Morning You Go Gunning

Bryson City has at times been able to bill customers for only half as much water as it had pumped into the system. Or so it appeared. A recent water audit by McGill and Associates revealed an inappropriate installation of instrumentation fifteen years ago, resulting in false indications of the amount of water produced.

Insights on Occupy

I enjoyed the letters to the editor of the Asheville Tribune last week. Accessible here, they’re the ones with the Oct. 20 date. They pertain to the occupy movement.

The economy in haiku

The Economist notes that the Kauffman Foundation joined economics and literature in their latest questionnaire on the economy. THE KAUFFMAN FOUNDATION conducts a quarterly survey of economics bloggers (you can see the third quarter results here). It tends to focus on current economic conditions and policy questions, but the fourth quarter questionnaire contained something a little different:Continue Reading

Central banking isn’t essential; it’s a bad idea

Economist Richard Rahn makes that argument in this piece published yesterday. People who think they are economic sophisticates scoff at the idea that a nation could have a prosperous, advancing economy without the “help” of a central bank. They’re mistaken. Central banking does not enable economic growth, which occurs because people invest where they seeContinue Reading

Cape Fear HS shooting: More questions than answers

We still do not know why a Cape Fear High School student shot Catilyn Abercrombie.  Fayetteville Observer editors outline a number of possible explanations, Was 15-year-old Catilyn Abercrombie shot on purpose? Was the shooting, whether intentional or accidental, gang-related? How did a weapon go unnoticed? How could a school resource officer have failed to spotContinue Reading

For progressives there is a single standard–the ends justifies the means

The headline in Phillp Klein’s “Beltway Confidential” article from today’s Washington Examiner is “Sebelius Shifting Stance on Privacy.” The article points out that: As governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius cited privacy concerns in opposing the release of documents sought during an investigation into criminal wrongdoing at state abortion clinics. Yet now, as Secretary of HealthContinue Reading