Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

When is a heartbeat not a heartbeat

When a pro-abortion advocate congressperson has to refer to it during a congressional debate.

Civil libertarian law prof notices something terrible

Namely, that Obama is far worse with respect to civil liberties than Bush was. The professor in question is George Washington U’s Jonathan Turley and he recently spoke his mind in this NPR interview. Turley says that he is tired of leftists making excuses for Obama. Bravo for him.

Rick Perry and grass-roots tyranny

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York picked up on a rather stunning statement from Texas Gov. Rick Perry last night that should raise a few eyebrows among supporters of limited government. In an interview with Larry Kudlow on CNBC, Perry was asked about his somewhat tepid reponse to Romneycare in Tuesday’s debate. After defending the healthContinue Reading

Free Speech is Super

The News & Observer, in an editorial entitled “Not so super,” once again criticizes the Citizens United case.  In that U.S. Supreme Court case, the Court held that corporations and unions can use their own treasury funds to support or oppose candidates in federal elections. The hysteria over this case is absurd.  The N &Continue Reading

UNC system will mostly stay on course under Ross

In today’s Pope Center piece, Jay Schalin takes a look at the ideas that incoming UNC president Tom Ross has set forth, and concludes that little will change. One rather unsettling notion that Ross has expressed is that the university should do more to “serve all students.” By that he means be more “inclusive” forContinue Reading

Evidence that we’ve created a higher ed bubble

This Best Colleges graphic nicely sums up the case.

Krauthammer documents Obama’s scapegoat strategy

Since President Obama can’t tout his own record as his tries to build support for his jobs bill and his re-election campaign, he has to adopt another strategy. Charles Krauthammer identifies that strategy in a new National Review Online column: Play the outsider. Declare yourself the underdog. Denounce Washington as if the electorate hasn’t noticedContinue Reading

Shell chief strategist addresses the peak oil myth

Big Oil haters might be pleasantly surprised to learn in the latest Fortune magazine that Dutch engineer Harry Brekelmans, the chief strategist for Royal Dutch Shell, enjoys talking about biofuels and other alternative energy sources. But Brekelmans doesn’t go along with the peak oil myth: People talk about peak oil in the sense of supply.Continue Reading