Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

When is a heartbeat not a heartbeat

When a pro-abortion advocate congressperson has to refer to it during a congressional debate.

Hodge Me Away

According to the Associated Press, Republican hodge-podge is now legal in the State of North Carolina.

The Price Is Right

The president is letting people get free tickets to see him. They will be given away at gate six of the WNC Ag Center. Purportedly, members of the media will have to arrive at the airport at around 5 a.m. Monday – for secyourity, no doubt.

More Easy Money

Yesterday, I mentioned the proliferation of brew and wine businesses opening in the area as well as the rush for dry counties to become wet. Well, Buddy, have another.


The City of Asheville has been negotiating with occupants. They are throwing around the idea of letting them occupe under the Lexington Avenue Bridge, where there is a mural for which the city contracted and a parallel graffiti mural. Free water and electricity are available at this location, but the city intends to charge aContinue Reading

FIRE is on fire in North Carolina

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, is on fire in North Carolina, with two victories over higher-ed totalitarians in two days. Announced today was a victory at Catawba Valley Community College: Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) student Marc Bechtol learned this morning that all charges against him have been dropped and he isContinue Reading

Civil libertarian law prof notices something terrible

Namely, that Obama is far worse with respect to civil liberties than Bush was. The professor in question is George Washington U’s Jonathan Turley and he recently spoke his mind in this NPR interview. Turley says that he is tired of leftists making excuses for Obama. Bravo for him.

Rick Perry and grass-roots tyranny

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York picked up on a rather stunning statement from Texas Gov. Rick Perry last night that should raise a few eyebrows among supporters of limited government. In an interview with Larry Kudlow on CNBC, Perry was asked about his somewhat tepid reponse to Romneycare in Tuesday’s debate. After defending the healthContinue Reading