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Oh the irony: Advocating liberty to Americans. (Q&A from tax debate)

At the end of last week’s tax debate, my opponent and I received about 45 minutes of questions from audience members. Most of these attacked pro-liberty ideals, which also happen to be American ideals. As I was born in New Zealand and moved to the United States in adulthood, this placed me in a bizarre scenario: advocatingContinue Reading

RIP Sen. Forrester

As Rick writes below, state Sen. Jim Forrester, R-Gaston, passed away around noon today. Our condolences to his family. Liberals aren’t being so classy on Twitter. “It wouldn’t be very Christian of me to speculate that God is punishing Sen. Forrester for being a liar and a bigot,” one wrote. Another: “Anti-gay state Sen. JimContinue Reading

Newsweek chronicles occupiers’ occupations

I knew there was some reason I still read Newsweek. The latest issue has a little nugget: “Faces of Outrage: Two days and 18 protesters around New York’s Zuccotti Park, the heart of Occupy Wall Street.” The article has pictures, names, and occupations for 18 Occupy Wall Street protesters. If the aim is to “normalize”Continue Reading

Sen. Jim Forrester passes away

The 11-term Republican from Gaston County died after feeling weakness in his legs on a trip to the mountains this weekend. Forrester was a physician and a former Gaston County commissioner. He was deputy president pro tem of the Senate and shepherded through this year’s General Assembly the constitutional referendum defining marriage as between oneContinue Reading

The link between the U.S. Constitution and capitalism

Does our nation’s governing document guarantee a capitalist form of economic system? George Leef’s answer to that question might surprise you. Leef delivered his answer and explored other topics the Constitution does and does not address during a presentation today to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. Click play below for Leef’s take on theContinue Reading

The Fix’s top 10 most bizarre political ads

Inspired by all the smoke over Herman Cain’s now infamous political ad, The Fix has compiled a list of the 10 weirdest television/Internet ads. Gotta love this one for simplicity of message:

Patsy’s back…

Patsy Christian is back in the news.  According to the News & Observer, Patsy Christian, former head of the old John Umstead and Dorothea Dix state psychiatric hospitals, was named assistant director for heathcare quality and safety in the Division of Health Services Regulation.  Christian was a newsmaker back in 2008, when it was reportedContinue Reading

What’s the truth about income inequality

Economists use a an index called the “Gini coefficient” to measure income equality or inequality, as the case may be. The scale of the coefficient goes from zero to one. The lower the number the more equal the incomes. The blog Political Calculations takes a look at the Gini coefficients for US individuals, families, andContinue Reading