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You might be a progressive if…

…you believe that water boarding a foreign national prisoner of war to gain information is a war crime but the killing of an American citizen without due process on the orders of a Nobel Peace Prize winning American president is just a legitimate function of government.

Natural law and constitutional jurisprudence

Ask Texas government professor J. Budziszewski for a definition of “natural law,” and he might give you seven. His answer depends on the context in which the question is asked. Budziszewski offered all seven definitions and explained the links between natural law and our nation’s governance during a presentation this afternoon for the John LockeContinue Reading

Perdue:Worst Joke Teller Ever and Most Endangered Incumbant Governor in the Nation

Doug Heye, in a US News and World report today, comments on Perdue’s joke and weighs in why she is the most endangered incumbent governor in the nation: Perdue has refused to state a position on an amendment to the state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage and civil unions, despite her involvement in moving theContinue Reading

Death of Obamacare: Coming Soon

Now that the Obama Administration and opponents of Obamacare are asking the Supreme Court to hear the challenges to Obamacare (plus the split in the Circuit Courts), it is even more likely that we will get an answer very soon (by June, 2012) as to whether the individual mandate is constitutional.  It also is possibleContinue Reading

Maybe a two-year suspension of shady tax incentive deals is in order

It’s certainly a better idea — given the latest evidence — than a two-year suspension of congressional elections.

Let’s move beyond the Perdue gaffe — and talk resumes!

Democrats are urging the media to move beyond the brouhaha over Gov. Bev Perdue’s remark that congressional elections be suspended for two years. Get focused on the serious issues facing this state! Like jobs! And the economy! And stuff. So, you can imagine my amusement (though not surprise) to see North Carolina’s left-wing blogosphere inContinue Reading

Goldberg notes how the ‘centrists’ are fleeing Obama

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest National Review Online column examines the growing number of mainstream media “centrists” who are turning on our 44th president. I should say “the so-called center,” because one of those most tedious — yet meticulously maintained — fictions is the claim that the establishment is, in fact, “centrist.” If you’ve ever met theseContinue Reading

Raleigh resident and former N.Y. congressman dissects N&O coverage of Perdue gaffe

A former New York congressman and Reagan-era U.S. ambassador, Fred J. Eckert now lives in Raleigh. He shares with Washington Examiner readers this morning his assessment of the News & Observer’s coverage of the Perdue election-suspension gaffe. The story went up with this headline: “Purdue Discusses Suspending Congressional Elections.” The writer added: “The comment —Continue Reading