Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

Immigration enforcement already impotent

The latest from the White House is that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is going to halt some deportation proceedings, and media outlets have reported this as though it will have a meaningful impact. As I’ve pointed out before, the process of deportation is a shambles and a waste of resources. An immigration charge necessitates atContinue Reading

A wonderful “public choice” illustration

Public Choice theory posits that politicians will make decisions far more to benefit themselves than to benefit the rest of the citizenry. In this Cato post, David Boaz points out that New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge, now in need of costly repairs, could easily have been placed just a few miles away and been muchContinue Reading

“Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science”

Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry got heckled yesterday outside a cafe in New Hampshire. “Hands off Medicare,” a couple folks in the crowded chanted. Before the heckling started, though, Perry answered a question from a child about how old the Earth is. It swiftly degenerated into a political “gotcha” moment when theContinue Reading

Hood urges caution in analyzing North Carolina’s 10.1 percent unemployment rate

Unemployment has climbed above 10 percent in North Carolina for the first time since September 2010, and left-of-center politicians and pundits are blaming the new Republican-written state budget. John Hood suggests those critics might want to think again. For instance, the ESC used seasonal adjustments in July 2010 to show a government-sector job loss ofContinue Reading

Sheldon Richman calls out Chris Mathews

Not just Chris Mathews, but all of the media’s talking heads who are so utterly certain that their view of the world is right and anyone who dares to disagree is not merely in error, but evil. Read his Freeman column here. As I mentioned here last week, Professor Steven Horwitz has issued a challengeContinue Reading

Obtaining Factual Compensation Data Should Not Be This Difficult

As a project for this summer, I was asked to look at the salary compensation comparisons between private sector employees and state employees.  Initially, as I began to compile the research needed, I was optimistic.  I knew other organizations had done similar reports and if I used their sources then I should be able toContinue Reading

Al Sharpton’s awkward moment, version 2.0

Here’s version 1.0. Now, for version 2.0: Hat tip to AmSpecBlog for the link.

Dom Armentano on the New Deal

Economics professor Dominic Armentano explains here that the New Deal made a bad situation much worse, just as Obama is doing and for precisely the same reasons. FDR and his “Brain Trust” believed completely in the government’s ability to bring about prosperity, equality, “social justice” and all other good things. That belief happens to beContinue Reading