Monthly Archives: August 2011

‘The time for debate is over’

Reading Heritage Action for America’s response to President Obama’s speech today on the upcoming expiration of the Highway Transportation bill, I’m reminded of a comment from a Carolina Journal Radio/ interview with Jonah Goldberg: When you hear people like Barack Obama saying, “I don’t want to hear any talk from people I disagree with,” orContinue Reading

Egalitarians find fault with Steve Jobs

He didn’t give away enough of his money, they say. In this sharp Cato@Liberty post, however, Dan Mitchell launches a superb counter-attack. Isn’t it better than he put his wealth and efforts into creating new products and lots of jobs?

Not-so-balanced state budgets

A new national study from the Institute of Truth in Accounting highlights how state leaders, including those of North Carolina, have dodged balanced budget requirements—and to such a degree that it has become the convention. Prevailing methods of state accounting do not reveal accurate debt levels, and they have concealed a total of $1 trillionContinue Reading

Regulatory insanity in California (I know, you’re surprised, right?)

Almost every day in the news we find examples of nanny statism that almost seems like something from the Onion humor site. Common sense seems to have fled those precincts in which liberals and Democrats reside. The latest example comes from California, in which a bill, pushed hard by Democrats, has already passed the AssemblyContinue Reading

About those broken windows …

One bright side of Hurricane Irene is the new opportunity to highlight the “broken window fallacy.” As those who understand the fallacy realize, that’s about the only bright side. There is no net economic benefit from the destruction linked to the storm. Lawrence Kudlow makes this point in his latest column. When the final tallyContinue Reading

Why is black unemployment so high?

As Walter Williams points out in this piece, black unemployment used to be lower than white unemployment. Now it’s much higher. Increasing racism? No — that’s just about vanished. The reason is increasing government interference in the economy.

Cato expert says Perry is correct to label Social Security a Ponzi scheme

While Texas Gov, Rick Perry is drawing fire for labeling Social Security a Ponzi scheme — including a possible attack on that front from fellow Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney — the Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner responds in a new column at National Review Online that Perry might actually be too kind in his assessment.Continue Reading

Goldberg dissects the president’s love of ‘expertise’

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest National Review Online column suggests President Obama has been “seduced” by experts’ predictions and plans. Obama and his advisers predicted the economy would do better — much better — than it has, and those predictions were wrong. The president blames events: the European debt crisis, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the politicalContinue Reading