This debate is a must watch

This is a video of a debate on global warming between Lord Christopher Monkton and Dr. Richard Dennis. What is particularly interesting, but completely typical, is that Monkton, the skeptic buttressed all of his arguments with actual data and references to peer reviewed scientific literature. Dennis, the non-skeptic, cited absolutely no actual data and not a single journal article but instead appealed totally to “the consensus of climate scientists” and the official views of “scientific” bodies and societies. In addition Dennis did not even attempt to refute any of the actual facts, claims or analysis presented by Monkton or cite any literature that one could go to to find such a refutation. Indeed, if Monkton was so incredibly wrong, as Dennis suggested through the debate, one would think that his arguments would be an easily dispensed with by either presenting contradictory evidence or citing just a few journal articles that did so.

Roy Cordato / Senior Economist Emeritus

In June 2019 Roy Cordato retired from his full time position as Senior Economist and Resident Scholar at the John Locke Foundation and currently holds the position of Senior E...

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