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Worker Fired After Questioning Lee County Superintendent

Did a public school superintendent bully a Fortune 500 company into firing one of its employees? That’s a question some are asking in the wake of recent news. As we reported yesterday, Lee County Schools in mid-June renewed superintendent Jeff Moss’ six-figure contract for an additional year. Moss is the superintendent who OK’ed a schoolContinue Reading

Re: Want to prop up a terrible law?

Indeed, Wickard v. Filburn is one of the worst decisions ever by the Supreme Court. By 1942, the Court was populated entirely by statists who were happy to see the federal government control almost every aspect of economic life in the name of “progress.” It was the groundwork for the 2005 atrocity Gonzalez v. Raich,Continue Reading

In case you missed it …

News 14 Carolina asked the John Locke Foundation to assess the North Carolina impact of this week’s ruling in an Arizona case involving taxpayer-financed election campaigns.

Cato’s Mitchell offers tax hike warnings, examines state control of Medicaid

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute offers a new warning to Republicans about tax hikes: The more important thing to focus on is the way that the big spenders in the White House and elsewhere are trying to build support for a big tax increase by characterizing tax breaks as “spending in the tax code.”Continue Reading

Weekly Standard writer downplays value of today’s polls in the 2012 race

If you want to know the value of current polls in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, perhaps a perusal of the early summer poll results from 2007 would help. Jay Cost makes that case in a new Weekly Standard column. At this point in 2007 the Iowa caucus polls showed Barack Obama trailingContinue Reading

AFP leaders endorse ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ approach to the debt-ceiling debate

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips and Vice President Phil Kerpen offer their thoughts about the debt-ceiling dilemma in a new column today posted at National Review Online. We enthusiastically support the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” framework for debt-ceiling negotiations and are committed to opposing any deal that fails to follow it: substantially cutting spendingContinue Reading

Do Bachmann’s Medicaid comments make her a hypocrite?

Some left-of-center commentators have criticized U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann for opposing expansion of the Medicaid program while her husband’s mental health clinic takes Medicaid money. Timothy Carney‘s latest Washington Examiner article demonstrates why the criticism is misplaced: Liberal journalists often become unusually unhinged around the likes of Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and so most speciousContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Sara Burrows’ latest Carolina Journal Online report documents North Carolina legislators’ efforts to control the size of your waistline. John Hood’s Daily Journal recounts his family’s Civil War history.