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New at CJO: State budget deal and recap of key players in Easley investigation

David Bass’ latest Carolina Journal Online report offers details about the state budget deal N.C. House and Senate leaders unveiled today. Don Carrington’s latest report documents that the end of the federal criminal investigation into former Gov. Mike Easley leaves several Easley allies legally unscathed.

House, Senate leaders announce budget deal, expect final vote this weekend

N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger announced in an afternoon news conference that they’ve reached a deal on the next state budget. They expect senators to vote on the plan Wednesday and Thursday, with the House following suit Friday and Saturday. The budget would then head to Gov. BeverlyContinue Reading

Agencies Shouldn’t Exceed Federal Standards

As I have written about extensively, state agencies shouldn’t be allowed to adopt rules that exceed federal standards. The Charlotte Observer reports on provisions in the Senate budget that would prohibit select agencies, including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), from exceeding federal standards. Lost in the article is the primary point thatContinue Reading

When professors are not civil

In today’s Pope Center piece, Jay Schalin writes about two recent cases (at Iowa State and Davidson) where professors lashed out at students for having the temerity to offer opinions they didn’t like. We hear from the left all the time that they are the people who are calm and rational, while it’s those awfulContinue Reading

Boycott Manning’s Kangaroo Court

Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning issued an order for a hearing on June 22 to discuss education funding.  Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger hopes that Judge Manning is not “assuming or attempting to assume the role of legislators.”  But that is what Manning, our backyard judicial activist, is trying to do.

Washington Republicans refocusing on jobs

Byron York‘s latest Washington Examiner article highlights congressional Republicans’ plan to refocus attention on jobs and economic growth. Pushing so hard on long-term deficit reduction left Republicans vulnerable to the inevitable Democratic “Mediscare” attacks and the claim that GOP lawmakers are plotting to “end” Medicare. So for weeks now, Republicans have been fighting the BattleContinue Reading

Think the Obama re-election team has North Carolina in its sights?

The latest issue of TIME offers more ammunition for that view, in the second paragraph of this Michael Scherer article: [I]f you want to find out why the President has set up shop in a Chicago skyscraper 18 months before Election Day, you need only peek into the office of Jeremy Bird, 32, the campaign’sContinue Reading

Economist Cowen earns some ink in Businessweek

Often cited in this forum, George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen attracts some attention in the latest Bloomberg Businessweek. While the article focuses on his reading habits and academic style, there’s also some discussion of his latest publication: The Great Stagnation runs through three centuries’ worth of what Cowen calls the “low-hanging fruit” of economicContinue Reading