The NLRB vs. Boeing’s SC investment

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an important editorial on a stunningly arrogant effort by Big Labor, in cahoots with the Obama regime, to prevent Boeing from building 787s in South Carolina. The Aerospace Workers and International Association of Machinists don’t want Boeing to build planes in right-to-work South Carolina, where they know they probably wouldn’t win an election and even if they did, workers would be free to refuse to pay union dues without losing their jobs.

It appears that the way is clear for the Obama appointees (Big Labor approved) to rule that it’s illegal for a company headquartered in a pro-union state to invest in a right to work state. Where the Constitution gives government functionaries the authority to tell a company where it may invest is a mystery. (In fact, the constitutional authority for the National Labor Relations Act is also a mystery. The Supreme Court was on the brink of declaring it unconstitutional in 1936 when Roosevelt unveiled his threat to pack the Court, causing Chief Justice Hughes to change his mind on the NLRA and ignore recent cases that had struck down similar overextensions of federal power.)

This shows (for the millionth time) how hyper-politicized the US has become.

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