Monthly Archives: March 2011

The “great” Libyan war debate

During Republican administrations foreign policy debates are usually between those on the left arguing for non-intervention and against war and those on the right (with a few exceptions–libertarians and Pat Buchanan) arguing in favor of intervention and the use of military force. But in Libya the “great” left right divide is drawn between those onContinue Reading

Spending (and not spending) Race to the Top money

Education Week reports that school officials in North Carolina are reshuffling the state’s $400 million federal Race to the Top grant. North Carolina says it needs more time and to devote more money—about $2.9 million more—to plan and implement a new “instructional improvement system” that aims to use technology and data to drive continuous academicContinue Reading

Hanson identifies an ‘Obama Doctrine’

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column posted at National Review spells out details of what he labels the Obama Doctrine: The Obama Doctrine is simple: Proclaim a utopian policy, and then pray that most of the people who hear it are Neanderthals who will ignore it. Having said one thing, doing quite another is not onlyContinue Reading

Hayes covers Rubio’s take on Libya

Upcoming John Locke Foundation Headliner (May 4, Raleigh) Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard uses his latest article to focus on freshman U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s response to the Libyan conflict: In an interview yesterday afternoon, Rubio said that failing to remove Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, after Obama publicly called for him to go, wouldContinue Reading

Democrats for Darkness (UPDATE)

Dome reports that Republicans were unable to convince four House Democrats to support House Bill 87, Sunshine Amendment, elevating North Carolina’s open-records law to a provision in the state constitution. H.B. 87 would have required a three-fifths majority vote of the General Assembly to water down open-records protections. A unified, 68-member House GOP caucus couldContinue Reading

Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad (for the Solar Lobby)

OK, the Meatloaf song is two out of three ain’t bad, but work with me here. Not to be outdone, three Senate Republicans (two primary sponsors and one a co-sponsor) are pushing the same solar lobby bill (SB 473) that would increase energy taxes on the public to help the solar lobby. I can seeContinue Reading

Voter ID Dead?

House Republicans reportedly are drafting a new version of the voter ID bill that would allow voters to show a voter registration card in lieu of a valid photo ID. As I have written before, a voter registration card is an inadequate means of establishing identity.  The proposal would apparently require two poll workers toContinue Reading

Smart students inspire Stossel

John Stossel says when he went to Princeton in 1969, professors taught him “government could solve the world’s problems.” Now that he knows better, he’s glad to learn that some of today’s college students have a better idea about how the world really works. Stossel discusses those students in a column posted at Human Events:Continue Reading