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Power of Pull

The war of the words continues. A columnist from the local daily is taking sides with the mayor and vice mayor of Asheville for apologizing to the legislators for their colleague Carl Mumpower’s harsh words leveled against them for enacting the Sullivan acts. For those who don’t know, the Sullivan acts are special legislation passedContinue Reading

State Health Plan: Making the case for transparency

The Raleigh News & Observer this morning reported Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina costs the state $10 for each claim it processes in the State Health Plan, but most details of the contract are under wraps thanks to a law sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand (D-Fayetteville). A later story has BCBS-NCContinue Reading

Peppers to….the Pats? Awww…

…crap. That is the speculation in Boston after the Pats send Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel to Kansas City. The theory is that the move clears the way for the Pats to send the #23 pick to Carolina in exchange for Peppers and be content with the #34 pick KC sent them. Vrabel functioned asContinue Reading

The Man Who Would Own McClatchy?

Meet John Rogers. Arms of his Ariel Investments control 26 percent of all outstanding MNI stock. Why? Rogers cannot possibly think that MNI will reverse course and move north. I have to think that Rogers plans on being at the table when MNI declares bankruptcy and/or is taken private. Meanwhile, looks like the layoffs, payContinue Reading

Obama rocks….

…says today’s N&O lead editorial: At last, a president has come forward who attempts to expand the government’s vision beyond the next year or the next, and seeks to help a much broader range of Americans. Budgets aren’t just about policy, or numbers. They are about people. Pee-yew.

About That Big "Gang" Arrest.

Important thing about that big federal “gang” investigation that was supposedly in the works for six months: Several of the 15 suspects rounded up Wednesday morning had recently been turned loose by the state of North Carolina. Not pending state charges mind you, there are plenty more of those. We are just talking about existingContinue Reading

Working or Not?

People seem to think Asheville is doing a good job with its Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness. Today, experts estimate Asheville has 555 homeless people, 115 of whom are chronic. At the outset, the bizarre plot of point-in-time counts printed in the plan indicated an average of about 555 homeless for the six preceding years.Continue Reading

Seem Familiar?