Daily Archives: January 31, 2009

Too Many Chiefs

One reason our economy may be sagging is surely the fact that so much money and time is going into growing government. Whereas capitalists will say free markets create prosperity because people are motivated to go about adding value to things if they wish to survive; government, as a general rule, adds value to nothing.Continue Reading

Canton Mayor seeks taxpayers to help fund a Hotel?

I always thought having a vision for a small business was just a role for the private sector?  I guess anything is possible anymore, according to Canton NC Mayor, Pat Smathers he is determined to realize his dream of turning a historic house in downtown Canton into a hotel, restaurant and retail space? and heContinue Reading

Hagan’s symbolic gesture

As expected, Sen. Kay Hagan votes for the SCHIP bill; Cone posts her symbolic amendment to reduce the cigarette tax which, according to Under the Dome, was withdrawn “because it was clear that Senate Democratic leadership wanted the bill.”

GSO’s high-emotion issues

Rhino education reporter Paul Clark, filling for John Hammer during the rare Wednesday Greensboro City Council meeting — the inauguration, you know—- calls the protest petition debate “a a low-stakes, high-emotion debate over participatory government and urban sprawl,” arguing that very few rezoning cases trigger protest petitions. Mayor Yvonne Johnson “said she considers the 5Continue Reading