Daily Archives: January 30, 2009

Gun Sales Continue to Increase

Applications for concealed carry permits have almost doubled in some Western North Carolina counties. Even ladies at church meetings are talking about buying guns while they can. The trend is not just local, as is evidenced by the Gannett News Service portion of this article. The cause is said to be NRA fear-mongering over theContinue Reading

Graph: Differing approaches to dealing with a recession

A line in a WRAL news story on the economy today hit on something I’ve discussed before: Government revenues are sacred. No matter what happens in the greater economy, they must not be negatively affected. Families tighten the belts, businesses cut costs, but governments find new ways to tax. WRAL, which also ran a storyContinue Reading

Open Letter to Pat McCrory

Mayor: I admire your willingness to boldly reject the fool’s gold of a “bailout” or “stimulus” rescue for the city’s fiscal distress. As you correctly note, it is only the wealth creating activity of the private sector which can provide us with the resources needed to meet our civic obligations and feed our dreams ofContinue Reading

The myth of deficit financing–shifting costs to our children

The number one complaint that we hear about the deficit financing of the President?s so-called stimulus package is that we are forcing future generations to pay, i.e. that we are shifting the costs to our children. This is actually false. The fact is that the government, or anyone else for that matter, can only spendContinue Reading

Higher ed and the budget crunch

As the UNC system looks for ways to cope with a budget crunch, I’m reminded of John Hood’s recent recommendation that the state focus more attention on young people who aren’t heading to college.

GOP chair responds to bizarre election story

This odd Guilford County election story has prompted a response today from Linda Daves of the N.C. Republican Party: “This situation illustrates another shameful example of the inadequacy of election safeguards in North Carolina.  It is absolutely unconscionable that we do not have laws in place to require that candidates for elected office in NorthContinue Reading

More Tax Deadbeats, Greatest Hits Edition

No wonder Julius Peppers wants to leave town. He owes $6K in tax on his Uptown condo. Looks like his bill was sent to his loudmouth Houston agent Carl Carey, who didn’t bother to pay it on time. And Kemo too! Panther DT Ma’ake Kemoeatu owes almost $9K on his South Park townhouse. Remember theContinue Reading

Let me be the first to console ECU Chancellor Ballard on his impending firing

Because he is sure to be fired now, if the UNC system is consistent. UNC officials have for years opposed any attempts to open their executive searches to the public, not even letting them see the names of the finalists. As The Fayetteville Observer‘s Corey G. Johnson wrote last year, “North Carolina is the onlyContinue Reading