Daily Archives: January 28, 2009

Pervasive Keynesian Absolute Energy Talk

Nancy Pelosi said it’s a new era, and it’s hard to steer the ship into the fan. A growing list of economists speak in terms of history, cause and effect, etc. Not that anybody in power listened. Have you signed in?

100 percent

That’s the percentage of Republicans voting against Obama’s Generational Indebtedness Plan. All 177 House Republicans said nix to the boondoggle. Among them were 11 Democrats, which means that there was bipartisan OPPOSITION to the bill. Let’s see how the MSM spins that. Among the North Carolina delegation, Democrat Heath Shuler joined all five Republicans inContinue Reading

D’oh! That’s a window, Barack, not a door

Obama tried to enter the Oval Office via a window today but his stupid gaffe has gone unreported by all but one major news outlet. Compare that to the nearly 10,000 who gleefully reported on President Bush trying to get out of a locked door in Beijing. Bias? Nah!

Answer: They have jobs

Question: Why won’t conservatives march on Washington?

Economic stimulus and other outdated quackery

My Townhall.com column today discusses Henry Hazlitt’s one lesson (the original “one lesson,” not his very compelling refutation of Keynesianism) in the context of Pres. Obama’s stimulus plan: Resorting to overturned Keynesian nostrums in the middle of a recession is as backwards as physicians today treating a deadly infection by bloodletting. Think about it: ifContinue Reading

My new theory of global warming

I think it is now clear–the real cause of global warming is global cooling. For example from the 1940s through the 1970s the earth was cooling. This caused people to have to burn lots of carbon fuels to heat their homes which put more CO2 in the atmosphere. This gave us the global warming weContinue Reading

Forced to Compete Against the State

Just imagine the benefits that would accrue to healthcare consumers if these Wake County hospitals were spending their time, effort, and money competing against each other for customers, rather than competing against outdated state regulations. State regulators this afternoon awarded 41 new hospital beds to WakeMed and four new operating rooms to Orthopaedic Surgery CenterContinue Reading

Senate GOP response to opening day

From Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger’s office, in a release under the headline: “NOW IS THE TIME FOR BIPARTISANSHIP” ?Now is the time for a bipartisan effort to remake North Carolina?s government from the ground up.  Democrat Senator Marc Basnight?s speech, accepting his nomination to an eighth term as President Pro Tempore of the NorthContinue Reading